What are quirks? An obsession, a fad, a peculiar trait of your personality, your characteristics, or something which makes you different from others. When Mayuri (our master idea generator) suggested this prompt, as always we all loved it. So, thought of sharing my 5 womanly quirks in this post.

Here are the 5 quirks I am thankful for-

  • Selfie queen- My friends call me a selfie queen as I love taking selfies. If it’s a friend’s birthday or a get-together, they all ask me to click group selfies. My family also knows it and my girls look at me and laugh whenever I come into this selfie mode.

Isn’t it a fun way to make memories?

  • Shopping- I love buying clothes and sometimes end up buying similar-looking dresses or a size bigger or smaller. My hubby knows it now and keeps on warning me to think before buying a dress.
  • Travelling and me- A day or two before travelling, I get stressed. I make multiple to-do lists and keep on checking until the last minute. My family tries to stay away from me to avoid making me more nervous or from getting a lecture from me.
  • Dietician mom- As a dietician, I am really paranoid about certain things. And have this habit of reading labels and nutritional value of everything before buying. I keep a tab on my kid’s diet and make sure they had 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I am sure it becomes too much for them sometimes as they all run away when I go into this dietician mode and try explaining it to them. 😀
  • Multitasking mom- I have my hands full with blogging, dancing, managing my online clients as a dietician, helping my hubby with his start-up, and looking after my girls. But, I am always on the lookout for something new and also try taking out time to socialise. This running around is tiring at times but it makes me thankful and happy. 🙂

What are the womanly quirks you are thankful for?

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