I am not a morning person and love sleeping till late. During my school and college days, I was not an early riser but more of a night owl.  Many of my friends used to sleep early and woke up early to study but few of us were the opposite.

But motherhood changed everything. My day starts at 5.30 on weekdays as I have to get everything ready before kids wake up for school. When you are a mom, you don’t have a choice. You are on a call 24-7. Weekends are more hectic when everybody is at home. Even though there are trying times, I am still thankful for everything.

As I always say, “Being thankful brings more things to be thankful for in your life.”

There are few things that make me thankful when I wake up in the morning.

Being alive and healthy. I feel it is the most important thing as being healthy makes you capable of doing many things. Just a feeling that I am there to take care of my kids and family, and also being there for them is a good feeling.

My morning cup of tea makes me happy and thankful too. I am not a big tea lover but the morning tea ritual is my favourite. I love my daily ritual of drinking tea in peace on my balcony after kids go to school. Morning breeze and my plants make it all worthwhile.

Times have changed and we can’t imagine our life without Wi-Fi. So, I am thankful for the good internet connection when I wake up in the morning. Every day I look forward to my blog and feel grateful as it makes me happy. So, we should be grateful for anything that makes us happy. Right?

Last but not least, the thought that all my loved ones are healthy and happy makes me thankful when I wake up in the morning.

What are you thankful for when you wake up in the morning?


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