A gated community is the best when you have kids. With all the amenities and security, it makes sense to buy a villa in a gated community. Finding the perfect villa for your family is not an easy task. You have to look at many things before you can finalise your villa.

A villa is a single family home which offers some independence.

These are similar to row houses but have more luxuries than a row house. The luxury and privacy in a villa is always better than an apartment. If a villa is available in a gated community with security and all the amenities, it’s always better to opt for a villa.

Here are certain tips that can help you when you are looking for a villa for your family

  1. Collect the information- Your first step is to collect all the information about the ongoing projects. Make a list of all the projects according to your lifestyle, needs, and most importantly, affordability. There are so many builders and so much information available that it’s overwhelming for a customer. 
  2. Location – One of the most important decisions you have to take when buying a villa is the location. First of all, look for a place which is well-connected and has future growth potential too. Mostly villa projects are outside the city but it is OK if it’s not inside the city as once the area develops and the project comes up, the vicinity also develops.
  3. Inspection- It is always better to go for an inspection to see it for yourself. Take a tour of the property and avoid skipping all the nitty-gritty. Villas can be independent or can have a common wall with the same design. You can decide after an inspection of what kind of villa you like or find better for your family. Check the rooms, the views, and the ventilation inside the villa and other factors keeping your family members in the house. 
  4. Amenities- The villa should have all the basic amenities which are important to make your stay a happy one with your family. It is always better to look out for the amenities which you want in a villa. If you have kids, always lookout for a good play area and amenities like a swimming pool and other sports facilities.
  5. Legal checks- You should always carefully check all the legal documents and approvals. If it’s a reputed builder, you don’t have to worry but it’s always better to cross check everything. One way to check if the builder is showing you the right documents is to check with your lawyer. Due diligence is very important before investing in a property.
  6. Budget- We cannot deny that money is the most important factor while choosing and deciding a villa. When you are calculating the actual cost, don’t forget to include all the extra costs that will add up, for example, the cost of interiors and the like. So, invest wisely and make sure to look for loan options beforehand and discuss with the builder about the possibilities too.
  7. Check the reputation of the builder- A villa is a big investment and not an easy one. So, always go for a reputed builder. It’s important to check if they have all the approvals before you book a villa. Why go for a reputed builder? A big builder takes care of everything beforehand. An established and good builder in the real estate market has a good resale value too.

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