As a mom, I know how difficult it is sometimes to take out time for yourself. Sometimes, there are so many things in mind that self-care is the last thing on a mom’s mind. I strongly believe that a happy mom means a happy family and that’s why I can’t stress enough the benefits of some me time for moms. In this post, I am sharing few ways for busy moms to stay healthy and happy.

5 Ways for moms to stay healthy and happy –

  1. Start any form of physical activity and make sure you take out time to do it. Be it yoga or meditation, Zumba or cycling, or just walking for 30 minutes. Pick something which is easy for you and you can do it from the comfort of your home. Exercise helps in the production of endorphins which lead to a positive and happy feeling in your body. I make sure not to miss my walk and yoga routine every day. You can include it in your schedule early morning or just do it whenever you get time instead of stressing over it.
  2. Follow a passion or hobby – Dance, paint, sing, learn a musical instrument, read a book, or just listen to your favourite music. Hobbies help to break the monotony of everyday routine and helps you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. I love dancing and that’s why make it a point to include it in my routine whenever I can.
  3. Go for regular health checkups – Prioritise your health and make sure you go for regular health checkups. With age, it’s important to get some tests done as women start losing not only muscle mass but also calcium and other minerals which can lead to osteoporosis or other such problems. Also, it’s important to visit your gynecologist regularly. Do not ignore any health-related issues and take care of your wellbeing.
  4. Meet your friends- I have a good circle of mom friends and I just love spending time with them. The best part about spending time with your friends is that it makes you happy and recharged. As a mom, your life just revolves around the kids and family which can be overwhelming at times. So, it’s ok to take a break and hang out with friends for a cup of coffee or just chit-chat. Also, read mom’s mental health matters – An open letter to other moms.
  5. Nutrition, sleep, and stress – Make sure you eat healthily and on time. I know it’s easier said than done but you can plan meals well in advance for you and your family. Sleep is another very important factor that is often ignored by many. If you feel tired, make sure to take out some time for naps in the afternoon. Stay stress-free for a happy and healthy family. Ask for help and do not try to do everything yourself. Let your husband and family members know what you are feeling or going through.

These are all very simple and doable tips and I am sure many of you are aware of this but sometimes a reminder is important. So, I hope this reminder is helpful for moms to stay healthy and happy.

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