There are movies with rich characters, living perfect lives and enjoying life. On the other hand, some struggling characters, not very happy ones.Through the movies, you get transported into a fantasyland. And some movies teach you important life lessons. Here are 3 movie characters which I want to play –

Rani in Queen , played by Kangana Ranaut. She gave a very strong performance as a naive Delhi girl who goes on a journey of self-discovery against all the odds and comes out a winner. Her character  looks very close to reality and that’s what relates us to her. Her character was so well written and beautiful which made her as real as possible.

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She remains my favorite because she made us realise that it is all about going out, exploring and emerging as a winner.

Vidya Bagchi in kahaani, played by Vidya balan. This is a story in which a pregnant woman’s search for her missing husband takes her from London to Kolkata, but everyone she asks denies having ever met him. It is a very strong character which make us think of life from a different angle. She solves each step with smartness without other people realising it.

Image courtesy- tumblr

Image courtesy- tumblr

Shashi in English Vinglish, played by Sridevi.There is no doubt that Sridevi’s character in the movie, Shashi Godbole, was definitely impressive, incredible and inspiring. Her role is of a middle class wife from India who is mocked by her husband and kids for her english. She goes out of the way to learn english and the journey of her change is truly inspirational. Shashi’s character will surely motivate you to overcome your fears and believe in yourself, even when other people don’t. The way she rediscovers herself is really inspirational.

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There are many other characters which I would love to play but these 3 are my favourite. Do you have any role or character which you want to play?

A part, a character you have seen in a movie, TV show or a play that you would really like to be cast as. Do share with us as we are waiting to read your fun posts. 

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