I saw you when you took your first steps.

When you first talked, When you first blew the

Candle on your first birthday cake.

When you first said ‘papa’ and not ‘mama’.

I saw you when you made your first mistake. 

I was there to help you fix it and saw you grow.

When your first tooth broke, and you saved it for the tooth fairy.

I remember all your stage performances and preschool graduation.

I saw all your first milestones.

I still remember all the milestones of both my girls. My elder one started walking when she was one year old and before that she used to only walk with holding my hand from the right side. If I change sides she won’t walk at all.  On the other hand, my younger one started walking in 9 months itself and she was always more interested in moving around.

It’s not only the about the first year but milestones go on till they grow big. My younger one just went to her first overnight trip with school and we were little hesitant to send her but she was really excited to go. As much as we missed her and kept on thinking about her, I am glad that she managed everything on her own as it was her first time without her family.

I am sure all moms have those sweet memories of their kids from their childhood. The first step, first word, first fall, first birthday, first win, first dance etc. Sometimes small milestones are more cherished ones than the bigger ones.


Prompt for week 2- Little big moments!

Share with us memories/stories of your child’s first milestone.

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