We are back with one more dad from the creative field for our creative dads series. Utpal Kant Mishra a Masters in Economics and an MBA at present is an independent researcher, novelist, Poet and lyricist who has a deep interest in the socio-economic and psychological behaviour of human beings. He has penned two novels and has written scripts and lyrics for various documentaries and corporate houses. His recent release “T 21 In Downs Lane” is garnering critical reviews. His other areas of interest are Economics and Business, Philosophy, Poetics, Mythology, Metaphysics, Astrology, Yoga and Occult. Apart from all these and above everything, he is a son and a father.

I have read his poems and stories and its an honour to interview him for our blog. Let’s get to know more about him.

creative dads

Creative dads

What’s your background?

I am a Masters in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration by formal qualification. I started my career as an academician before moving to the Industry and I have risen from the ranks. Worked in diverse industry segments; viz: Education, Skill Development, FMCG, Insurance and AEC. It had been a journey of almost 17 years, fantastic and stressful, mostly in Education and Skill Development and sometimes veering through other industries. I had worked in the areas of Business Development, Marketing, Product Development, and Planning & Strategy.

I left my regular job to pursue entrepreneurship and I had started two ventures. But destiny had other plans for me. For one reason or the other, I had to abandon both of them. In this way, I also do don hats of two failed ventures and successfully reinstated the spirit of entrepreneurship.

During these times I had written a few scripts for documentaries and a couple of corporate anthems. I got really good reviews from my clients and so I decided to take up writing as my profession.

At present, I am an independent researcher, novelist. Poet and lyricist who has a deep interest in the socio-economic and psychological behaviour of human beings.

As a writer of two novels, you are a successful blogger and writer. Tell us more about how the idea came up? What were the key factors for starting writing as a profession?

Thank you very much for your compliments.

As a blogger, I would consider myself a sporadic one. I do not update them regularly.

Yes, I have penned two novels till date and am writing the third one which is almost halfway. Out of the first two, one is published and another one is yet not. I firmly believe in “Being published is a great thing. Even greater is to know what to get published.”  The one which is still unpublished needs a lot of reworking which I will take up after the completion of the present book I am writing. The one that is published “T 21 In Downs Lane” is garnering critical reviews.

I always knew that I will ultimately be writing professionally but the way it did start still amaze me.

You are a doting father and take good care of your son. Please share some tips with other fathers regarding this.

The most important thing is your time. Your children need you more than anything else until a formidable age. If you can trust me you will find yourself being reborn every day with your child if you spend time with them, unconditional and non-judgemental time.

If my advice is asked, I would suggest that the most important thing that fathers should work on is the psychosocial development of their children.

 You are also a poet and lyricist. Can you tell us something about your work to our readers?

At times I do participate in Poetic Summits. As a lyricist, I have written corporate anthems and also for artists having their YouTube Channels. I do not have to my credit any Bollywood song yet. I have not worked in that direction still, but I have some definite plans. As of now that definitely is not Bollywood, as I am still naïve enough to know who, when and how to approach in Bollywood, and if the plan materialises I would surely be sharing with you all.

You don so many hats. It’s inspiring. What is your favourite work out of everything you do and why?

I love writing but I equally like spending time with my son. I do discover myself in his innocence and give my rekindled feelings words in my writes.

What is your inspiration or where do you get inspiration for all the work you do and what do you like writing the most? 

Life is my inspiration. It is about the cosmic life of which we all are parts. I do not feel differentiating between my child and yours. Mentally I do feel their pains and happiness also as of my child. This inspires me.

My inspirations are my parents. My mother, Mrs. Usha Kiran Mishra and my father Mr. Shobha Kant Mishra. My beautiful wife, Pallavi Sinha, has a hectic schedule between her office and home and I am happy at home all the time with my three years old son Atharv Raj Mishra.

In fact, my wife is brave enough to have me. In addition to the two roles, she has to mandatorily listen to my blabbering every day and she is tolerating it for eight years now with all smiles. Isn’t it brave enough?

I like poetry writing as to me it is a rhythm which is a physical representation of “naad”- the subtle sound of Universe. The best part of it, I can say so much in so few words and that too rhythmically. You can recite it, sing it, memorise it easily, act it, dance with it, or can do anything you want to do with it.

What is your writing routine and how much time do you take to write a book?

I am the most routineness guy ever born on mother earth. I do not have any routine. Sometimes I spend the whole day and night writing and at others, I do not write anything. Be whatever, once I have started writing, every single moment I keep on thinking about the write only.

I hate writing on topics which I do not know well. Therefore, each of my books takes me over three years to write. Before writing, I need to be sure that I have studied and understood enough relevant factual materials on the subject. I do not shy about going and asking the experts if I have not understood anything.

What do you like doing besides writing?

Being with my family, having good foods, some movies, music, and long drives. I love being with my family.


Most important tip for other bloggers or for other dad entrepreneurs.

Ah, do I really have the capability of advising? Let me try once.

For anybody who is writing, I have these bits of advice. Do not hurry. First and foremost find your own seed. Clear yourself from all your preconceived notions. Give it a fresh and unbiased look. Find out more about your subject with fresh perspective and weave pathos with words around your subject.

Dad entrepreneurs, throw all your worries out in the dustbin. No one knows how long one is here and therefore whatever time you spend with your children ensure they are the best ones. Unconditional and stress-free love will help you nurture them in a way that they will be able to write their own destiny. Yes, keep the spirit of entrepreneurship agile within you, come what may. 

What is your vision? Share any future plans you have.

Oh yes. I do have one. In fact two.

I want to write a sci-fi novel/novella on the concept of “Grammatical Algorithm” and I would wish to see it on the big screen. It is a mammoth task for which I have already started doing my homework since 2014. I hope I will live enough to complete this.

I want to form a band. The idea of this band is to resurrect the lost art of “poetical” performance. I would write all the lyrics for this band.

You can follow Utpal here to know more about him-

Blog (English): http://kantutpal.blogspot.com/

Blog (Hindi): http://utpalkant.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @authorutpal

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Utpal-Kant-Mishra-310945262267233/


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