It is that time of the year when the weather is changing. On one hand it brings relief from the heat and on the other hand, it brings along infections and allergies. When my daughter got cold, cough and fever last weekend, I was more worried about the right diagnosis as there are so many viral infections during this season. She was diagnosed with a normal throat infection which was causing fever.  I got her tested for flu as well but the blood test for flu came negative. I am glad that I had given her a timely shot of the flu vaccine. It’s good to know that we have safe and effective flu vaccines in India.

Change in weather is the time when children can get cold and flu. One of the reasons is the fluctuating temperatures which cause seasonal allergies, cold and flu. Also, the immunity is low during this season and many people suffer from the common cold and other such conditions. As a mom, I know I have to take precautions to keep my kids safe.

Flu Vaccine

I promise to stop flu for my child as it’s life-saving

A school going child needs extra care and protection as most of these illnesses are highly infectious. In my daughter’s school, a lot of kids were sick due to weather changes. I knew I had to take that extra care to protect her from flu and other infections. It is always better to take precautions and be prepared. That’s why I inquired about the flu vaccine from my daughter’s pediatrician. I was not sure how safe and effective flu vaccines are in India but my doctor helped us understand it better.

How safe and effective is a flu vaccine in India

Although influenza is seen all year round, it’s common in the winter season as the weather is dry and cold. Flu virus prefers such conditions as it’s easy for it to survive and spread. That’s why it’s always better to be cautious and take preventive measures beforehand. Yearly flu vaccines can keep kids safe from it and its complications [2]. Flu can lead to complications like pneumonia. The simple flu can knock you off for not only a few days but weeks. So, it’s better to go for vaccinations as it’s life-saving for you and your family.

Vaccination is the best way to stay safe

Early diagnosis and treatment are really important in case of fever as it can be lifesaving. Protect your child by getting them vaccinated beforehand.

Apart from the vaccination, I make sure my kids follow good hygienic habits, for example, washing hands before meals and keeping surroundings clean.

So, if you are confused about the vaccine, consult your pediatrician today to know more about it. According to my doctor, the flu vaccine is generally safe and effective.