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Heart matters are not easy to handle and as they say, “Follow your heart but take your brain with you.” It is important to take care of our heart from starting as it can lead to complications. This World Heart Day let’s take a moment to check how your heart is doing and feeling-

  1. Stay happy– Laugh out loud, enjoy with your loved ones, do not fret or take tension, make new friends, go out with your loved ones, take a break from your hectic lifestyle and last but not least do not over think.
  2. Eat healthily– Many people do not understand the concept of “Healthy eating“. It’s not about eating boiled or steamed vegetables or not eating your favourite foods at all. It is all about making healthy choices. Avoid foods which are high in saturated fats or cholesterol and foods with high salt content. It’s ok to have some cheat days but try to include vegetables and fruits in your diet daily.
  3. Quit smoking– Smoking can put unwanted pressure on the heart. It’s not easy to quit smoking but try talking to your doctor who can refer you to some support groups. Join these support groups and they can help you in this process.
  4. Workout/ Exercise- Make it a point to exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. Start walking daily for 30 minutes if you can’t do any vigorous exercise. Exercise can not only help in keeping your heart healthy but it is a stress buster too.
  5. Meditate– Meditation for some time daily can help you reduce the stress and keep you happy. Try it and see the difference yourself.
  6. Health checkup– It’s important to go for health check-ups regularly. Do not ignore any symptoms of discomfort or uneasiness and contact your doctor immediately.
  7. Foods good for the heart– Include these food items in your diet like oatmeal, fish, olive oil, blueberries, and nuts are good for the heart. Make them a part of your everyday meal.
  8. Green tea- It is good as it has antioxidants in it is also anti-aging. Try drinking green tea instead of regular tea to get its benefits. 
  9. Get enough sleep- Sleep deprivation can lead to a lot of problems which can further lead to heart disease and other problems. Try to sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day to avoid any problems.
  10. Follow your passion– This one is directly from my personal experience that a hobby or passion can make you and your heart happy. Try whatever you love, be it, dancing, painting, running, gardening.