I am a mom of a teenager and a tween. In the last 14 years, I have attended many parent teacher meetings for both my girls and believe me it’s not as easy as it looks. Parent teacher meeting is for interaction between parents and teachers to help the child. But some parents really give a hard time to the teacher. It’s a day when a most naughty and mischievous child transforms into the innocent one in front of parents. It’s also a day when a new form of parents is revealed which you never knew existed. I have attended many parent teacher meetings and there are different types of parents at a PTM.

Parent teacher meeting

  1. Can’t let go parents – These parents do not leave until they discuss everything about their child family with the teacher. Sometimes I really wonder what are they talking about for so long when I still have to figure out what to ask the teacher. Such helicopter parents should be given a slot at the end of the session.  Also, there should be a time limit for each parent with the class teacher I feel its more waiting than the actual meeting. There are long queues to meet the teacher and these ‘can’t let go parents‘ are the ones who are responsible for this extra waiting time.
  2. Know it all parents – These parents just smile, nod and say ‘I KNOW MADAM’ at the end of each sentence by the teacher. Even if the teacher is complaining about their child, they just smile and inform the teacher that they know everything and there is nothing new. I really wonder why they even come for the meeting when they already know everything.
  3. A hurried parent – These parents are always in a hurry. So they just greet the teacher, ask how the child is doing and sign the parent form and leave. They are the unenthusiastic ones who wonder – why school keeps a PTM and what’s the use of a PTM? 
  4. Scolding parents – A terrified child and an angry looking parent is a common sight in these meetings. These parents have a very serious face throughout the meeting and a child who looks like he can cry any minute. They won’t even wait for teachers to give the feedback as they are busy scolding their child.
  5. Talkative parents – These types of parents won’t let teacher talk as they have a lot of things to share with the teacher. They talk as if they were just waiting for the next PTM to share everything about the child. This is an opposite case of ‘know it all parents’ as in this case, the teacher is the one who smiles, nods and listens.
  6. Sad parents – Whenever I see such parents, I feel like going and giving them a hug. They look as if the world is coming to an end and now no one can save them and their child. They enter the school with a sad face and leave the school with a sad face. When teachers see such parents, they actually take their complaints back to cheer them up.
  7. Complaining parents – These parents think that their child has no problem but it’s the school that has a problem. Before the teacher gives any reviews about the child, they start complaining about the school. According to them, everything from infrastructure to staff and from curriculum to teachers is wrong and that’s the reason their child is not performing well. 
  8. Ghost parents – These parents miss many parent teacher meetings and sometimes don’t show up after emails from teachers. So, when they finally show up for the meetings, the teacher makes sure to lock the door before they run away.
  9. Interrogating parents – These parents have a long list of questions ready for the teacher- When is the field trip? When are the exams starting? Why there was no extra period this week? Why do you allow latecomers? What is the plan for sports day? It is more like an interview for the teacher than a parent teacher meeting. Even when teacher answers all the questions, they still have this unsatisfactory look on their face. If the teachers by any chance see this parent outside the school, I am sure she will either run or hide from them.
  10. Not on the same page parents – These parents are never on the same page and often say different things at the same time to the teacher. They do not agree to each other’s point of view and end up fighting in front of teachers. As a result, either only mom is talking or only dad. The other parent is just a silent parent who came there just to support the other one. 


Have you observed different types of parents at a parent teacher meeting? Which type of parent are you? Do let me know on the comments below.