Higher education in India has evolved in the last few years. There are many colleges and universities with new courses and certifications to help graduates pursue higher education. In the last few years, the Indian higher education system has undergone a remarkable change. According to EY, By 2030, India will have the largest population in the world, in the higher education age bracket. I am sharing about MBA courses in India to help understand it better.

What is MBA?

MBA or Master in Business Administration is a program or course that includes mainly the concepts of business. It gives the following specialisations: management, finance, economics, sales, marketing, human resource management, and supply chain management. There are so many different specialisations in MBA that sometimes it’s confusing for students to decide on the best one for them.

Points to keep in mind while choosing MBA courses in India–

  1. It can be confusing as most of the streams have a good scope. So, keep in mind the future scope of the branch you are choosing if you are confused.
  2. Think of specialisation from the job point of view too. As the market demand keeps on changing, it’s essential to go for a branch that is in demand. Also, choosing a specialisation is mandatory and helps the job recruiters to understand your skills.
  3. Always try to go for a good and recognised college or university such as Manipal University since these days there are so many new colleges too.

MBA courses in India –

There are many different specialisations which are offered by colleges and universities like Manipal when you opt for an MBA degree. I am sharing a few top specialisations which are the most popular ones in MBA courses –

  1. MBA in finance – This is one of the most popular branches. The topics covered are – Budgeting, International Finance, Capital Management costing, etc.
  2. MBA in Marketing – MBA in marketing includes topics like market behaviour, advertising, and many other skills that surrounds the marketing activities of any product/service. Marketing specialisation helps you to get a good knowledge of business-related facts. As marketing is a substantial factor in any business, it will help you to get good jobs.
  3. MBA in human resources – It is for those who are good in communication skills, smart and a go-getter. All big companies and organisations look for the right HR professionals. You will learn about fundamental human resource and people management techniques.
  4. MBA in international business – It is for those who are interested in international finance, international marketing, and logistics. This field can help you to get good jobs in multinationals and also a chance to travel abroad for work.
  5. MBA in information technology – It is a little new branch and not very commonly opted by students. But it can help you to get knowledge of the IT field too. It is a popular choice among IT professionals as it helps them to be better business leaders by managing the operations.

Apart from these 5, there are other branches like MBA in operations management, supply chain management, and health care management etc.

The good news is that for any of these MBA courses, you can be a graduate from any field. I hope this post is helpful for you to understand different MBA courses in India.