My elder one was never a picky eater but younger one gave me a hard time as she used to eat only white things when she was small. She used to eat things like Paneer, White rice, Curd rice, Plain dosa etc. As a mom, I used to get concerned about her food choices and I knew that I had to do something to include vegetables in her meals. At least, she likes fruits and is fond of all kinds of fruits. So, I knew the main thing now to be taken care was– Veggies.


Here are some ways to include vegetables in different forms-

  1. Grated veggies– Whenever you make dal pancakes or dosas, add some grated carrots in the batter itself. This is not only going to make the pancake nutritious but your picky eater won’t make a fuss about it. You can include it in the eggs too if your child likes eating egg dishes.
  2. Baking- Bake some Carrot oatmeal muffins, Zucchini bread, or you can add beet root to chocolate muffin or cake. It’s all about blending them with other ingredients.
  3. Vegetable Juices– Nothing like giving a fresh homemade juice to your child. Right? Whenever you make fruit juice, include vegetables like Carrot, sweet potato, beet root and celery etc. (Whole fruit is always better than juice).
  4. Soups– My elder one loves chicken soup but nowadays she runs away from veggies, I add vegetable stew in the chicken soup itself to make it more nutritious. If your child is not ready to eat veggies in the soup, the best way to mask them is to add them in the blended form. Boil, blend the vegetables in a blender and add them to a stew.
  5. Healthy snacks– French fries are anytime favourite for kids. Do you know you can even make fries with other vegetables? Slice different vegetables and dip them in a batter with gram flour, rice flour and give it a coating of egg and bread crumbs. Fry it in the oil and a healthy snack ready. It is at least better than outside snacks.

Talking of vegetables, good to know that people are getting conscious and there are healthy snacks available in the market these days. Recently, I came to know about The Green Snack co. and their healthy snacks.  These healthy snacks are made from Vegetables and completely gluten free.


Why are they good?

  • Not baked and not fried.
  • Made from Natural Ingredients.
  • No artificial flavours.
  • High in Dietary fiber.
  • No trans fat.
  • No added MSG
  • Cholesterol and Gluten free.

Kale crisps- Do you know kale is a super healthy green vegetable with high nutrient content? I was happy to see kale as snack option and happier when my daughters loved it too. Kale crisps are a nutritional powerhouse with Iron, Calcium, fibre, proteins, and antioxidants.


It is available in 3 flavours- Sea salt and vinegar, Cheese and onion, and Thai sweet chilli. You can use them in salads, soups, sandwiches, and pasta etc.

Quinoa puffs- Do you know Quinoa is a protein packed, gluten free grain that can be used instead of other cereals? Quinoa puffs are made up of a mixture of all super grains like Ragi, Soy, rice, and maize. These are available in saucy salsa, peppy cheese, and zesty kale flavours. My younger one loved peppy cheese flavour and asked me to order more soon.


I am ordering few more packets soon as these are not only nutritious and healthy for kids but for the whole family. We moms can also have a guilt free snacking. 🙂


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