We are a family of foodies and love to explore different food items from different cuisines. Being a foodie, I have a long list of food items that are my favorite. There are few special ones which make me go back to childhood and remind me of my mom’s cooking.

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Sharing my three favorite foods which top the list-

  1. Rajma rice– Being a Punjabi and a food lover, it is always on the top of the list for me. Rajma is special as it was like a comfort food in my childhood and every time we cook it at home it takes me down the memory lane. My mom used to make yummy Pudina chutney and raita with this dish. This is one dish which I can have anytime and anywhere provided it is cooked well. 😉

I am thankful for Rajma as it is one of those foods which remind me of my childhood days.food

  1. Pani puri/Chaats– Who doesn’t love Pani puri? You cannot get this stuff anywhere else in the world and although it’s available all over the India, the best chaats and pani puris are still available in North India.

I am thankful for Paani puri for 2 reasons- First, it is the best snack/street food with fewer calories and secondly, my hubby makes the best pani puri in the world. 🙂 Food

  1. Rasgullas– I have a sweet tooth and this list would be incomplete without the mention of my favorite sweet dish. Although there is a long list of my favorite desserts, Rasgullas are my favorite. I am fond of spongy Bengali rasgullas or Rosogullas. Food

There are many reasons to be thankful for sweets as they remind me of festivals, celebrations and also happy times.

But of course, I would be more thankful if all these sweets just landed up on my table and not on my waist. 😀

I am thankful for being able to afford food, cook it and also for having someone to share it with.

I am trying to teach my daughters to be thankful for food too. Children need to learn the value of food and be thankful for what we have. It’s easier said than done but not impossible, so, I am trying. 🙂

What are the three favorite foods you are thankful for?


Last weeks winner is Neha Tambe.