Homeschooling is a popular way to teach kids at home and many parents do it successfully. It is very common these days especially now due to given circumstances. As schools are closed, many parents are exploring the option of homeschooling. It has its own challenges and it’s not as easy as it seems. So, in this post, I am sharing a few tips to make homeschooling stress free and fun for both kids and parents.

Be clear before you start – It’s important to know and understand why you are starting homeschooling for your child. Be very clear about the time, money, and efforts that are required as a parent. Although there can be many different reasons for one to home school their child, you decide yours so that you don’t regret it later. Many parents think homeschooling helped them find a different and more meaningful way to connect with each other.

Be flexible – There can be many distractions, work calls, pressures etc while you home school your child. So, it’s ok to keep your schedule flexible. It is the key when it comes to homeschooling. For example, you are in the middle of a session and plumber or electrician knocks on your door, or you have a dentist appointment. So, many such things will happen so do not fret when you can’t do it according to the time table. Keep it flexible.

Do not compare – Comparing your homeschooling journey with any other mom is a complete waste of time. Always remember, you are doing it as you didn’t want your child to be a part of the rat race, or you didn’t like the conventional way of schooling. SO, why compare and worry now? Every mom is different and every child is different. So, figure out your child’s pace and style of learning and work according to that.

Patience is the key – Patience is a virtue when it comes to homeschooling. Kids normally do not take parents seriously as teachers. It’s not about age as it can be a different challenge at different stages. There can be yelling, running around with young kids and you can expect some eye-rolling and complaining about stuff. Also, to make matters worse, there will be people (family and friends) who make sure that you feel that you made a mistake by choosing to home school your kids.

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Include extracurricular activities – Make sure you include sports, art, and music in the curriculum. Different activities are very important to make it stress-free and fun for kids. These things are equally important along with academics. Also, be organised as it helps to deal better with things. You can find out the extracurricular classes going around your neighborhood and enroll your child so that he/she gets some interaction with other kids too.

Homeschooling is definitely a huge responsibility. So, while homeschooling has its own challenges, it can be really fruitful for the child if the circumstances are right. Many parents are opting for it and also doing it successfully. Make sure you do your research properly before starting. The best way is to discuss with other parents who are already doing it so that you get a clear picture.

If you are a homeschooling parent, do let me know how you are making homeschooling stress free and fun.

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