As a mom of two teenagers, I know how stressful exam time can be. Of course, it’s a stressful time for kids but parents get anxious too. Especially if your child is giving the board exams, the anxiety reaches another level. My elder one is giving her 12th boards this year and would soon be going to a college. At this time the stress is double as it’s not only about exams but also about getting admission into a good college. This topic, I will be discussing in my next post. In this post, I want to share a few tips to relax and help reduce exam stress in kids.

Tips for parents to reduce exam stress in kids –

  1. Stay calm – Exam time is synonymous with stress and anxiety for both the students as well as their parents. Now the trick is to stay calm as a parent as your child is coping with enough already. Why do you really want to pass your stress onto them? It’s ok to feel anxiety when exams are approaching but you have to make sure that kids do not see what you are going through. Stay calm and relaxed in front of them.
  2. No negative talk – Every year we hear so many cases of exam related depression, suicide cases especially during exam time and when results are announced. So, as parents you make sure that you know what is going in your child’s lives and stay in touch with them regularly. Give them a healthy environment to study and always talk positively. Assure them that you are there for them come what may.
  3. Take care of health– I know how difficult it is to make kids understand the value of eating healthy during exams. With so much going on, eating healthy and exercising is the last thing on their mind. But it’s true that staying healthy is good for your child overall. I had a hard time convincing my teenager to sleep and eat on time. I try to at least make sure that they get something healthy to eat in between studies. To know about nutrition tips during exam time, check this post.

4.      Do not pressurise – Give some space to your child and do not put undue pressure. Already a child feels pressurised with so much competition around and they need to feel comfortable speaking to you. There is a difference between being supportive and overbearing. Be there for your kids but give them space too. I know when kids are small, you need to check on them and teach them but once they grow, try not to be overbearing.

5.      Reward efforts – It’s important to reward efforts by your kids than rewarding the results. They should know that giving their best is important rather than worrying about the results. My husband and I make sure to teach our daughters that once they give their best, they should not think about the results. If you make them understand that their efforts are more important, this can surely reduce exam stress in them.

Today the world is full of cut-throat competition. As parents, you play a huge role in reducing your child’s stress. Education should be about learning and not about being stressed. Let’s try and make learning fun for our future generations. I am writing about stress-free education for #Causeachatter. Read my first post to know how schools can help make education stress free.