We live in an apartment complex and there are only small balconies in them. I miss the big garden area we had when I was a child. My dad loved gardening and we had many fruits and vegetables in our garden area. His love for gardening has come to me as I really enjoy planting and gardening. I want to start a vegetable garden for a long time now but still didnโ€™t get time to do it. I am thankful for nature as first of all it brings back all the old memories of childhood.

I learned some great tips from my dad about gardening. He taught me how to take care of them and nurture them like kids.I feel it is very important for our kids to see us taking interest in planting more trees and taking care of trees. Especially, now when there are so many problems like deforestation and global warming are there.

If we all try making a mini garden in our house or plant more trees around us. As it surely can lead to a better environment and clean air.

Thankful for nature

Clean air is very important as these days we all buy expensive air purifiers to get a clean and pure air to breathe. Trees and plants are natural air purifiers. Recent Delhi case of impure air was an example which shows us that we seriously need to think about planting more trees.

I also feel that gardening is aย great stress buster for us and it has been proven in many studies too. Gardening makes me very calm and happy as taking care of plants like small children brings joy.

Nature makes us happy and keeps us healthy. Greenery all around us and pretty colourful flowers are very important to colour our world and prevent it from becoming sad and lifeless.

Why are you thankful for nature?

We are all destroying the beautiful nature and the natural environment around us. Use of plastics, cutting of trees, not recycling the products and wastage of important resources like water are all underlying causes of destruction. Hope to see some change soon otherwise there won’t be anything left for our future generations.

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