It’s almost 6 weeks of lockdown and surely it’s not easy for all of us but kids are the ones who are our little brave soldiers. It’s not easy to keep kids at home, away from school, their friends, and playgrounds. At this time, you can keep your kids busy in different ways and one of them is finding some good shows for them. You can check out these adventure kids shows on ZEE5.

  • The Jungle Book
  • Bablu Dablu
  • Bandbudh and Budbak
  • Kung Fu Masters of the zodiac

The Jungle Book on ZEE5 Kids is an adaptation of the Disney movie The Jungle Book. It is so much fun to watch this one with kids as it is like a cute version of the original movie. My kids have already watched the Disney movie and we still enjoyed watching this adaptation. It is a story of Mowgli, the boy who gets lost in the jungle and how he lives an adventurous life in the jungle.

I remember watching the jungle book in my childhood days and it was surely a show we looked forward to watching. Good that kids can watch the adventures of Mowgli with his buddies Bagheera and Baloo easily on the ZEE5 app along with other top adventure shows for kids.

Adventure kids shows on ZEE5

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There is a total of 52 episodes of the show and each one is 23 minutes long.

Bablu Dablu is another fun, comedy, and action series for kids.  If your kids love action and adventure, this series is a much watched adventure kids show on ZEE5. Bablu Dablu is the collection of fun tales of bear brothers Briar and Bramble and Logger Vick. Bablu Dablu is an example of a sibling bond and strength. It is the story of two bear brothers. The duo saves their forest from the greedy Logger Vick and other goons.

The best part about the show is that kids can also learn a few things from the bear brothers. They show how to adapt and fight out to get out of a difficult situation if they are together. As a mom, I prefer any such show over others which are not only entertaining but learning too.

Kids shows ZEE5

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There are a total of 104 episodes.

Bandbudh and Budbak – It is another fun show in which the duo of Badrinath and Budhdeb teaches kids how to use mischief to get good things. They both are the naughty pranksters and this often leads to some big problems. This show is a true example of how a prankster can also be a hero. As a mom, I learnt a few lessons too. It shows how mischief and masti can be good sometimes. I am sure your kids will be fans of this show as they watch it!

It is a hilarious show with some funny characters and it will surely be a hit with your kids. Badri and Budh, the two main characters are always up to some mischief.

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There are a total of 156 episodes and each one is 10 minutes long.

Kung Fu masters of the Zodiac– This is a fun story of the Chinese Zodiac. In this show you go on a fun journey to a charming little town called Fortune Valley. The twelve animals associated with the Chinese calendar spend their days happily in this valley. Who says you can’t take on an adventure while sitting at home? This show will take your kids on a fun adventurous ride which they will surely enjoy.

Why is it a must-watch for kids? It shows the value of bravery and believing one can do it. The young boy known as star kid saves the world as a monster threatens to destroy the world. This is another show which can teach some good lessons to your kids. I am sure you will also enjoy it as parents.

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It has a total of 3 seasons, a total of 112 episodes and each one is 13 minutes long.

ZEE5 Kids is an ocean of fun and adventure for your kids. You can choose from a lot of fun shows for your kids to watch from and the best part is they are all easily available to watch on the app. So, these were 4 handpicked adventure kids shows on ZEE5 for your kids this lockdown period. I hope they like it and enjoy it as much as we do!