First of all, I want to ask all the parents- Is competition a good, or a bad, thing for children?  

I believe, it is good but unwanted and unhealthy competition is not good. Some parents have a different point of view as they believe it’s good for their kids. They think it’s a competitive world and kids should be competitive too. But I feel too much pressure can lead to bitterness and resentment in kids.

I observed this in my girls and learnt a lesson not to ever show the anxiety in front of them.  I get very conscious when my girls go for a competition but my husband is better in this and handles the anxiety better. So, I am learning but one thing which we both make sure is to never push them unnecessarily.

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I fail to understand those parents who push their kids for everything. I also think due to unwanted pressure from parents, kids can be just too hard on themselves when things don’t go their way.  As they try to satisfy the demands of their parent or teachers and end up feeling that winning is the only way to gain the approval of the adults.

The kids should be told that not everyone can win a contest. If one child wins, another cannot.  So, I feel that children always feel better about themselves when they actually work with others instead of against them.

Healthy competition inspires kids to do their best. Unfortunately, in our country, the frequent win-at-all-costs mentality associated with many competitions can reduce a child’s motivation. As a result, they might avoid activities they may otherwise enjoy.


Don’t go to the extreme when raising your child. Don’t over-schedule your child and bombard them with a million different activities, let them be creative, happy and healthy.

I am writing about Parenting for A to Z challenge and sharing my thoughts as a mother of a teen and a tween. Sharing my personal experiences as a mom and hope to help other moms and also learn from them through this challenge. Read all posts here. 

A for Affection

B for Believe

C for Confidence

D for Dance 

E for Extracurricular

F for Food

G for Guilty

H for Hacks 

I for Independent

J for Joint or Nuclear

K for Kindness

L for Looks 

M for Money

N for Nutrition

O for Overprotective

P for Poles apart

Q for Questions

R for Reading

S for Summer Vacations

T for Temper Tantrums