Milwaukee is the largest city in the Wisconsin state of the US. It is also the most populated city in the state. It has a nickname as a  cream city as it is in the state of Wisconsin which is commonly called America’s DairyLand. The reason is the cream coloured bricks which were found here long time back. Milwaukee, the breweries and baseball city is famous for many things.  Mostly for a large number of breweries and for a famous baseball team in the US called Milwaukee Brewers.

My memories of Milwaukee the breweries and baseball city –

It is a city which is very close to my heart for many reasons. After marriage, we immediately went to the US and Milwaukee is the city where we stayed for most of the time. My elder one was born here and that’s why it will always be very special for me.

We stayed for almost 5 years in Milwaukee and there are countless memories of the place. We bought our first car here, my first driving licence, my daughter’s first school, and our first snowfall and extreme winters experience.  All those beautiful memories are making me nostalgic while writing this post. Memories of the countless trips to the public library with my little one and trips to nearby cities when she was just a few months old are also very special.

My husband and I came as newlyweds to the city and it was a completely new experience in a new country for us. We used to walk around the city together to explore it and know more about the new culture. The best part was that we had many Indian friends around and every weekend we had parties, potlucks and fun get-togethers. That was one of the reasons I never felt homesick there. The friends which we made there were more like family.

Walking near Lake Michigan on a chilly winter afternoon

About Milwaukee –

Milwaukee is a city which is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan and it has a lot more than just breweries.

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It has a famous Harley Davidson museum and these famous bikes were first born in Milwaukee. If you are a fan of bikes, you must visit the museum to see the exhibit of these bikes as they are showcased here.

The famous Harley Davidson Museum

Apart from these, Milwaukee has many cultural and historical attractions which you can see –

  1. Milwaukee river walk
  2. Milwaukee art museum
  3. Betty Brinn Children’s Museum
  4. The horticultural conservatory also called as the domes.
  5. Milwaukee Zoo and many more.

As it is on the shores of Lake Michigan, it has a humid climate and there is an extreme difference in temperatures. The hottest month is July and coldest is January with almost -2 degrees C and sometimes even lower than that. I remember it used to be so cold in winters that we would eagerly wait for winters to get over.

The famous Milwaukee museum

Milwaukee the city of breweries and baseball is one of my favourite places in the world. I can’t wait to visit it again and show my elder one her place of birth. Hope to visit it again in future someday.

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