Haridwar is a small city in the state of Uttrakhand which is a famous Hindu Pilgrimage site. It is on the bank of River Ganga which is considered a holy river according to Hindu mythology. A lot of tourists visit this holy city of Haridwar every year.

My memories of the Holy city of Haridwar –

I have been to Haridwar many times with my parents. My dad loved Haridwar and it was his favourite place to visit during the holidays. Whenever we used to discuss our holiday plans, my dad would always suggest Haridwar and at one point we got bored of visiting it.

I still remember those childhood days and frequent visits to the city. We would start our day with the holy dip in the Ganges after which we would head to our favourite breakfast joint. It was a famous aloo puri and malpua with halwa from famous puri joint in the main market of Haridwar. In the evening we would wait for famous Ganga Aarti and my dad loved this part of the day. The evening aarti is something which is truly mesmerising and an out of this world experience. We would sit on Har ki paudi which is a famous bathing place in the city to witness the Sandhya aarti.

After aarti, we would stroll around the busy market of the city and buy small things with mom. Those days were completely different and the memories of those days are making me nostalgic.

In our latest trip to Haridwar, our kids got to experience the beautiful Ganga and the evening aarti.

About the city –

Haridwar attracts a lot of Hindu pilgrimage and devotees around the year. The dip in the holy river or the ritual of bathing in the Ganges is something which attracts the tourists as it is believed to be sacred according to Hindu mythology.

Har ki paudi and Ganga aarti are two main things to see when you visit the holy city Haridwar. You can also visit Mansa Devi temple which is located on a hill of Shivalik ranges of Himalayas. Another famous city to see is Rishikesh. It is a holy town which is very near to Haridwar and has many temples and is famous for trekking and river rafting. One can visit both together if visiting for at least 3-4 days.

Have you been to the holy city of Haridwar? How was your experience?

See this video to get a glimpse of the famous Ganga sandhya aarti –

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