Las Vegas, the city of lights, the city of sin and a city that never sleeps is the most populated city in the state of Nevada in the US. It is home to some famous casinos and hotels in the world. Las Vegas or Vegas as its commonly called is a city which is completely different from any other city which I have seen till now.

My memories of the unlimited fun at  Las Vegas, the city of lights –

I have been to Las Vegas once in 2003 when I was a new mom. My elder one was just 7 months old and we were visiting one of our friends in Los Angeles. They suggested that we must visit Las Vegas when we were there. I still remember the time when we were driving from LA to Vegas, the whole way is like a desert and there is hardly any pit stops in between. When we were almost near Vegas, we could see the lights from a distance. That was one of the most beautiful things I saw in my life. It is rightly called the city of lights.

A new mommy in Las Vegas

As we were travelling with a baby, we were not allowed inside any of the casinos. So, we took turns to babysit and would visit a casino. Vegas is famous for its casinos and it was exciting for us as it was our first time playing slot machines and exploring it. The city literally never sleeps and there was so much fun, excitement, music, light shows and so much more to explore.

About Las Vegas, a city of lights –

Las Vegas has a completely different feel to it. Apart from casinos which are the major attractions, there is a lot of entertainment in the form of musical shows, plays on the street, singers and comedians, etc. The fountain show at Bellagio is very popular.

Another interesting thing in Las Vegas is the concept of themed hotels. Most of these are situated on the Las Vegas Boulevard which is a famous road in Las Vegas. The Paris hotel has a replica of Eiffel tower which is in the heart of the city. The New York hotel has a replica of the statue of liberty and there is a palazzo resort has a concept of the Italian Renaissance. Caesar hotel and casino is inspired by the Roman era. Another popular one is the Venetian hotel which has a feel of Venice to it.

In front of famous theme hotels in Vegas

The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the city of lights are worth visiting and that is what makes it different from any other place in the world. Have you been to Las Vegas? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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