C for Competition.

Do you let your child think freely?

Do you always push your child to excel in everything?

Are you trying to burden them with your expectations?

Is it good to burden a child with your own dreams?


If your answer to any of the above question is YES then I want to ask you this-

Why do you want your child to excel in everything?

Don’t you think it’s important for a child to choose his/her own field if interest?

I know that children need our guidance as they are also confused sometimes. But there is a difference between guidance and pressure.

There is a thin line between both, so it’s better to understand the difference for benefit of your child.

As a mother of a teen, I know how it is when it comes to exams, competitions and anything related to studies. And it is not only about studies these days. You can even get to see it in the extracurricular activities or anything else for that matter.

I always encourage my kids to participate in competitions but never ask them to excel in them. It breaks my heart to see kids going through so much pressure.

My kids just finished their final exams and we keep on telling them to give their best but do not think of the result.

[bctt tweet=”During exams parents should say this to their kids- Do your best and leave the rest. #kreativemommy” username=”Deepagandhi1″]

My elder one was upset about some subjects and kept on asking us, “Will you be upset if I get less marks?” And like always we told her that she is more important to us than marks. We will never be upset if she gets fewer marks, but we will be upset if we think she has not given her best.

Points to remember-

Although the things have changed in India, there is still a long way to go. Do not make winning and losing as important as living and dying.

There are many competitions in life and one thing which really helps is confidence. My next post is about something which can help kids to easily sail through any competition. Stay tuned. 🙂

What do you think about the competition and winning?