I love cooking and trying new and interesting recipes in my kitchen. Due to many new gadgets and electronics, cooking is not similar to how our moms used to cook. These days everyone is in a hurry and looking for fast alternatives. Even while eating, people want fast meals and something which is easy to cook.

I am a big fan of those gadgets which help save time in the kitchen. It can be chopping, mixing, whisking or whipping. I am sure many moms find these small things time consuming and look for easier and time saving options while cooking. What if I tell you that I found a magical formula to help you with simple whisking and whipping?

Tupperware Speedy Chef from Ultimo series is that magical gadget which is helping me in my kitchen. It is rightly called a speedy chef as it helps to speed up my baking and simple cooking by helping in whipping, whisking and beating.

Tupperware Speedy Chef product review –

It is a manual and wireless kitchen gadget which helps you to whip up many recipes in a jiffy. It is very simple to use, handy and quick. Light in weight and easy to clean. As it is wireless, it saves you electricity. The best part is that it’s easy to assemble and store. It can help you with many recipes especially baking in which you have to whisk and whip many ingredients like eggs, butter, flour, sugar etc. It is sturdy and has a plastic base which is anti-skid and keeps it strong while using. Also, the lid has a vacuum grip and there are no spills while using.

Mom review – Kids can also use it easily as it is manual and there are no sharp blades or anything which can be harmful for kids. My daughters love using it for whisking eggs and cream for fruit cream. Sometimes they want to make their own shakes or smoothies but have to be careful with a blender. But with Tupperware Speedy chef, you don’t have to worry and with this magical gadget, happy mom and happy kids.

Parts of Tupperware speedy chef –

  1. A 1.3 l jar
  2. Vacuum sealed lid
  3. A rotating handle on the top or a hand churner
  4. Whisks
  5. Anti-skid base 

Recipes with Tupperware Speedy Chef –

  1. Omelettes, French toast and cakes – I love using it for egg whisking and since we got it, all my family members have used it for egg whisking for breakfast. Its not only easier but you can get nicely whipped up eggs in a jiffy.
  2. Cakes, pancakes, muffins or any baked dish – I used it for whisking all the ingredients while making simple vanilla cake. It can help a lot in your baking by Whisking eggs and batter.
  3. Desserts – You can prepare fruit cream as it whips up cream very nicely. Also use it to whip cream for mousse or any Indian dessert recipes like Shrikhand. I am sharing the easy and yummy Shrikhand recipe for you which I made with the help of this speedy chef.

Shrikhand recipe using Tupperware Speedy chef –

It is a simple and easy recipe which requires no cooking and gets ready in a jiffy. It is a common recipe in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The main ingredient in this recipe is fresh homemade curd. Depending on different ingredients which you add to it makes it a different variety of Shrikhand. In Maharashtra, Mango Shrikhand is very common which is also called Aamrakhand.

Preparation Time: 3 mins   Cooking Time: 0 mins    Total Time: 3

Serving size -4


1/2 kg homemade thick curd

Powdered sugar (According to taste)
A few saffron or kesar strands (optional)

1 tbsp. warm milk for saffron
1/2 tsp cardamom or elaichi powder
Dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios (slivers)


1. First of all, take fresh homemade curd and hang it in a muslin cloth or use a colander to filter out all the extra waters in it. All the water or whey of curd should be drained out as much as possible.

  1. Add the saffron into the warm milk until it dissolves and keep it for some time.
  2. Now add the thick curds, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron and dry fruits in the speedy chef jar.
  3. Close the lid and churn all the ingredients together using it.
  4. Keep in refrigerator and serve the chilled shrikhand garnished with dry fruits of your choice.

Notes –

You can add any fruits like strawberries, mangoes, banana etc. to make a fruit shrikhand. You can churn fruits with all other ingredients in this speedy chef. As strawberries are in season, I tried this strawberry shrikhand which came out great.

Here is the recipe on my YouTube channel –