My best friend in school started wearing glasses when we were in sixth grade. I still remember how uncomfortable she felt as her frames were oversized plastic ones. She would complain about them every day and how it used to give her headache and dizziness. Until then I used to think it was cool to wear spectacles. But after looking at her, my perception changed and I was happy without glasses.

Coming back to the present, my daughter got her first prescription eyeglasses at the age of 10. Not to mention, it was a little overwhelming for me initially. But tried not to show it to my daughter and tried to make the whole process as smooth as possible for her.

I am sharing a few tips for parents to choose kids prescription glasses from my experience –

Choose kids prescription glasses

Find a good optician

It is very important to visit a good eye doctor for a proper eye checkup. It is also very important to find a good hospital and an experienced eye doctor. Do a little research and look out for some recommendations for doctors who are good with kids or are specialised kids eye doctors.

Choose the right frame

It is really confusing initially to decide which one to choose. It takes some time to get used to any kind of frame when your child is just starting to wear the glasses. A plastic frame is better than a metal frame for children below 10 as the plastic frame is not heavy and sits comfortably on the nose. Some metal ones are good too but you can decide after trying. It is important to choose a right one as your child might refuse to wear it if they dislike the frame.

Design and colour

These days there are many good and colourful options available in frames. Also, there are kids’ specific frames with cartoon characters on them. Your child can choose the one with their favourite cartoon character. The wide variety of colourful and stylish frames are always helpful and let the kids choose it on their own.

Better safe than sorry

It’s always better to get two prescription glasses made instead of one when it comes to kids. Kids are not that careful with their glasses and either they break too soon or they might leave it in school or at a friend’s place. In that case, it’s always better to have one spare pair of glasses at home.

Take care of glasses

One challenge is to teach kids to take care of the glasses. Teach them not to touch the lenses and hold it with both hands from the sides. Also, teach them to keep them clean using the glass cleaner which comes with the glasses. Do not scold or overreact when you see the glasses lying down here or there. In fact, just remind them or hand it over to them asking them to wear it.

Choose a trusted brand –

For frame and lenses, it’s always better to go to a trusted brand as good quality matters. Always go to a trusted brand to choose kids prescription glasses. Our daughters’ first frame was FastTrack eyeglasses from Titan eye We were really happy with the frame, the quality and the experienced staff there. Recently my husband also got his first prescription glasses and he also got it from Titan eye plus. They have a good variety of frames to choose from and we are a happy Titan eye plus customers.

It can be a little overwhelming for both parents and the child but make sure you make it fun for them. Do not overreact and let them take their own time. Hope you find this helpful to choose kids prescription glasses. Do share any more tips you have from your experience in the comments below.


*It is a sponsored post but all the views are my own from my experience with the brand.