Working from home is a bliss. For some people of course, others just do not feel themselves to be comfortable in mixing work and home all-together. I hope you are having a good time, comfortably at your homes. Well, for the other times, it is completely up to you. But, now as per the situation it is safer and better for everyone to just stay indoors and work from home.

If you are someone who is not used to the concept of working from home, then you surely would be under a lot of pressure. Handling your family, kids, and office work piling over. Plus, no household help is there right now. This way managing work from home becomes even more difficult. Earlier, you might get a chance of having a decent cup of tea in the evening all for yourself. Now, there is no time for oneself.
Relax! We all are under the effect of sudden change. However, we might have to do this for an indefinite period of time. That means it’s better to know the expert tips to make your work from home easy. This blog is all about that. So, let’s begin.

Top 5 Tips to Manage Work from Home Effectively

Considering the fact that this phenomenon of office from home is not a matter of one or two weeks, it’s better that we learn to manage our lives in such a way that the quarantine period becomes the time to practice better management and arrangement. Follow the below tips to amp-up your lousy work from home routine and manage your work from home effectively.

Manage work from Home

1. Start Early

I can understand, the extra seep of 1 or 2 hours in the morning is too good to give up. But, for the good, do not tend to start your day from the afternoon. Wake- up early and start your morning routine as per your usual days. This will help you to keep up with the productivity and you most likely will not take your big day for granted.

2. Pretend to Go to the Office

When we are supposed to reach our work-place at a particular time, we always hustle to be on time and plan our tasks accordingly. So, here is the trick, do not be in a hurry, don’t hustle. But manage your chores just like that. Start working at your usual routine after a good bath, exercise, and breakfast.

3. Take Certain Short Breaks

There is a difference between working from home and working at the office. You are not in your usual work environment. Most people probably must be working from their beds and couches. I can agree with the fact that they are super comfy. That comfort can make you sit continuously for hours. So, it’s better to take a few short breaks after every hour or so.

4. Regulate your Diet

Working and munching goes along very well. Especially if we have our whole kitchen next to us while working from home. Do not let those snacks take over you. Rather keep focus on eating healthy home-made food.

Oily, calorie-rich foods will make you feel lethargic and sleepy. Focus on fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Also, try to control your portion size. You do not need those many calories.

5. Stay Put from Coffee and Sugar

Under the circumstances of world pandemic, country lock-down, and quarantine, it is very normal to feel gloomy and anxious at times. The situation can have a certain effect on our mentalities. Restlessness, insomnia is also a possible effect. So, to take the leap on that, cut your usual intake of caffeine and sugar products. Cold/hot coffee, cookies, and biscuits are meant to be consumed in a controlled amount.


Work from home has given us a leverage of a few hours of our usual commute time. Spend that time on something constructive and useful. Spend time with your kids, cook healthy homely treats, or rekindle into some old hobby.

This time will pass soon and for good. But we might never get such a good opportunity to stay tucked inside our houses. So, savor it, make the most of every day. Manage your work from home efficiently, stay safe, and keep washing your hands.

Author Bio:

I am Shraddha, graduate from Amity University, and associated with OMKITCHEN. I am a passionate content creator who likes to produce informative and engaging content related to health and lifestyle. When not doing that, you can find me trying different kinds of organic food and herbal teas.