I love travelling and believe that one must travel to explore, unwind and to be happy. Travelling makes me happy and gives me a much-needed break at times. It’s a great way to make beautiful memories, to feel recharged and to learn something new about the world.

Recently I read a travel Ebook by Shilpa Garg and enjoyed the different topics she chose for all the chapters. If you are looking for some inspiration to travel, you have to read this book.

A Travel EBook by Shilpa Garg – Notes from the road

About the author –

Shilpa Garg, a mother of one fancies herself an observer of life and writes about things as they are and not as they should be. You can find her musings on Shilpagarg.com. She started blogging in 2009 and loves it.

She is a travel enthusiast and an avid reader. Traveling has humbled her and made her realize that she is more capable than she believed.

About the book –

In ‘Notes from the Road,’ Shilpa shares her thoughts, views, experiences, tips, and stories which are inspired by her years on the road. This book has 26 chapters and each one has tips, tricks, and stories to help you while travelling. It has everything a traveller needs to know before planning a trip, during the trip and also after the trip. There are tips to travel with kids, quotes to inspire you to travel, apps to help you plan and many more such topics which you can’t miss if you love travelling.

What I liked –

As a travel enthusiast myself, I could relate to many topics from the book.  I enjoyed reading the book as it inspired me to try new places and plan it better next time. Shilpa’s book has also inspired me to write one travel book from my own experiences. For anyone who gets jitters before a trip, this book has got you covered.

My favourite chapters from the book are–

  1. 5 reasons to travel during off-season
  2. Expect the unexpected while travelling
  3. How to travel with kids
  4. How to plan your first solo trip
  5. Apps that enrich your travel experience

Something to add

The only thing which I missed while reading this book was the pictures. It would have been great if there were some colourful pictures along with the description to make the book look vibrant.

A roundup –

Shilpa’s travel Ebook is an interesting book and I recommend every travel lover to read it to get inspired. It is an entertaining and light book with some great tips for anyone who wants to plan a trip. Through this book, Shilpa shared her travelling experiences and it shows how much she enjoys travelling. The key take away from me is that good research and planning can really help you to enjoy your travel. You can download Notes from the road to know more.

It’s a book to help you travel better and travel more!