Due to the pandemic, most of us cancelled our travelling plans last year. We were looking forward to a family holiday in the summers but had to cancel. But towards the end of 2020, we started small car trips and long drives in and around the city. Due to this, we explored many new places around Bangalore which we didn’t even knew existed. Recently, we went for a family trip from Bangalore to Antara Gange and Someshwara temple to start the new year with a visit to these beautiful temples.

Bangalore to Kolar –

Kolar is a city in Karnatak which famous for milk and gold mines. It is almost 80 km from Bangalore. You can plan a day trip from Bangalore to Kolar exploring many beautiful temples in and around the city. We started around 11. 30 am on a Sunday and the drive is beautiful with views of hills, mountains with granite rocks,  flowers, and lakes on the way to Kolar. Our first stop was Antara Gange.

Antara Gange –

It is almost 70 km from Bangalore. Antara gange is a famous temple and trekking place which is just 4kms away from the city of Kolar. It is famous for the Kashi Vishweshwara temple which is on the top of the hill and you have to climb around 350 steps to reach there. It is also called as the Kashi of the South with a continuous flow of water which is considered as holy water.

There is also an option of trekking to the top of the hill to explore caves but it’s a steep and difficult trek. The trek is full of rocks and that makes it a little challenging to trek. We skipped the trek as it was very crowded due to the weekend and first Sunday of the year.

Points to be noted – There are a lot of monkeys to give you company. So be a little careful if you are carrying food items. Also, as the trek is a little challenging, so it’s recommended to try with a local guide.

Someshwara temple –

After Antara gange, we had lunch. We packed our own food and avoided eating out due to the current situation otherwise there is a food court area called Highway star which is just a few km from Kolar. It is a perfect pit stop to refresh with food options, clean toilets, and an open area to sit and have meals.

Bangalore to Antara Gange and Someshwara temple

After lunch, our next stop was Someshwara temple which is inside the city of Kolar. It is a beautiful temple with some wonderful Dravidian style architecture. It was built in the 11th century by Cholas but later on, there was more development by the Vijayanagara dynasty. The best part is that this temple is protected by the archaeological survey of India as a monument of national importance.

There is a beautiful Nandi bull made of granite right in the front of the temple entrance and you can’t miss the beautiful carvings on the pillars.

Bangalore to Anatra Gange and Someshwara temple

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Bangalore to Antara Gange and Someshwara temple –

Best time to visit and other places to visit in Kolar–

I would say the best time to visit I from October to March when it’s not too warm. Along with these two places, the other places to explore in and around Kolar are –

Kotilingeshwara temple with almost 90 lakh shivlings.

Kolaramma temple

Chikka Tirupathi

All these are on our travel list and would surely be exploring them soon. This was our experience from Bangalore to Antara Gange and Someshwara temple. Do let me know if you have been to any of these places. Also, do share your experience in the comments below.