These days’ kids are under a lot of pressure and stress compared to our times. They have studies, extracurricular activities, tuitions, etc. I feel yoga is good for them and can help them to cope up with stress and they can feel energetic, have better coordination and feel happy.

How to make them interested in yoga?

Kids can start from the age of 5-6 years and initially, 20 minutes are enough. And later, it can be increased and it’s better to start with fun poses. As a mom, I know how difficult it is to make them interested in anything new. There is much more cute yoga poses for small kids like the Animal pose, dancing pose, tree pose etc.

I am sure they will be interested if it’s about animals. So, why not try animal yoga poses? You can teach them – Eagle pose, dog pose, cobra pose, cat pose, fish pose, and rabbit pose. These are few simple animal poses which kids can do at home easily.  Also, there is more fun poses like tree pose, alphabet poses (pose like an alphabet), mountain pose etc.

We teach kids ‘Surya namaskars’ in our summer camp and as every day first thing is yoga. As a result, parents are very happy as they are continuing with this practice at home too. We can start with 1-2 Surya namaskar and then increase to 3 or more slowly. It’s good to know that many schools are also teaching yoga to kids in a fun way. As kids love music and dance, it is a good way to introduce yoga to them.

Be a good role model and do yoga with your kids every day. They follow us in everything, so it’s a good idea to lead by example.

Health benefits of yoga for kids-