No matter what you do or say, exams still give jitters not only to kids but also to parents. Especially in our country still, it is all about the pressure, anxiety, and stress. It’s almost final exams time and this year my elder one is giving 10th-grade boards. My husband and I were always OK with less pressure in school and that’s why we really liked the methodology and curriculum of her school. But as soon as she entered 8th grade, we saw the difference.

I think if you are in India, there is bound to be a pressure of studies and exams at some point. You cannot run away from the rat race how much you try. We do not want our girls to be a part of this rat race but when I see around, it makes me wonder – Are we making right decisions for our girls?

I am sharing few tips from my experience as a mom of a teen and a preteen.


Do not compare

Comparison causes competition and competition cause stress. I have personally observed and experienced this with myself as a teenager and now with my kids. If you even generally talk about some other child doing well in studies, even if it’s in a positive manner, can lead to competition. This can make kids unhappy, paranoid and stressed. The fear of being in a competition can be stressful for a child.

Whenever you talk to them, talk in a positive manner and encourage them. Why discuss other kids and what they are doing?

Encourage them to take a break –

Going out to play for some time, reading a book, meeting a friend or just going out for a walk is important. Encourage your kids to take a break in between as it not only rejuvenates them but also reduces unwanted stress and improves concentration. Meditation is also good as their mind is occupied with multiple things at the same time. They can wake up early in the morning and can meditate for some time just before starting to study.

Be positive

Many kids are giving boards exams this year like every year and are already anxious about the future. As a parent, you need to be careful about everything you say or do as it is not an easy time for them too. Try not to force your decisions but guide them about what all options are available for further studies. The kids should not feel lack of support from you as a parent.

Nutrition plays an important role

Make sure they eat well while studying and are well nourished and healthy during exam time. My elder one tends to skip meals sometimes due to exam pressure and I make sure to give her something light after every 2 hours. Give protein-rich foods, reduce junk and high carbs which can make them sleepy and lethargic. A detailed post on nutrition tips during exams coming up soon.

The tricks –

Kids of all ages undergo anxiety when its exam time. I have observed this in my preteen who is normally very carefree about the whole thing but during exams gets anxious. The few tricks which I share with my daughters are – PLAN, PRACTICE, and PAUSE. Always plan and schedule. Make a timetable which can help you to plan the whole syllabus. Once you are done with scheduling, practice makes the things perfect. After you are done with everything, pause, think and reflect.

Sometimes the pressure by parents is unintentional but keeping these points in mind can surely help you and your kid during exam time. Every child is different and has different methods to study. Just judge what works for you and your child and work on that. All the best!

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Please share if you have any tips or tricks which you use to help your child.

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