“Mom you are a super mommy. You can do anything.” My daughters call me a super mommy especially when they want me to cook their favorite meal or they want something special. Also my friends and family call me that too when they see me running around doing errands and managing everything.

There are so many things these days to help us like online grocery shopping, home services for everything etc. And there is an app for everything you can imagine. I came across an app that is not only user-friendly but also can help us improve our quality of life. I came to know about ‘DoneThing’ app when I was in Delhi at my brother’s place.

So, I started exploring the app, and seriously speaking, there were many instances when I thanked God not only for my smartphone but the ‘Donething’ personal assistant app too.

We super moms also sometimes get stuck and need help. When I installed this app and explored it, this one particular feature caught my attention – Pick and drop documents. One of my friends who stays in Noida needed help in picking up her daughter’s school documents from her husband’s office which is at the other end of the city.

I told her about this service and she used it and was really happy with the fast service. She thanked me for informing her about it as it was the last day to submit the documents. So, this app helped a panicky mom and now it is like her personal assistant in such situations.

I also want to share another incident where the app helped me and my sister in law. On my recent trip to Delhi, I had to attend an event and I got a little late while coming back and was worried about my girls at home. My brother was still at the office and sister in law was with me. On top of all this, we got a call from one of my relatives who was in the city and was planning to visit us that day. We didn’t have anything at home and our panic mode was the highest at that time.

Once again ‘Done thing app’ came to the rescue of this panicky mom. It has an option of ordering food and groceries too and I ordered everything sitting in the cab. Everything was delivered within 10 minutes of our reaching home.

It was such a relief. And I remembered the time when we came back from the US a few years back. My kids were very small at that time and I used to go mad with everything. I wish this super mommy helper app was available at that time to help me with everything. Especially, grocery shopping, home cleaning services, pick and drop, and home services like a plumber, carpenter, and electrician etc.

It is a great service in Delhi and NCR region. Moms are really blessed to have such a support system and I wish they soon start service in Bangalore too. Waiting for this super mommy helper to come to Bangalore too.

For a mother, her kids come first and this super mommy helper app allows us to spend more time with them as many other things are taken care of.

Frankly speaking, the App can not only organize your life vis-à-vis parenting but help you to be a stress-free mom too.

This App is actually like #BhasadKaTheEnd because it has great options that make it easier to keep up with what’s most important to you, your family!