Republic Day is just around the corner and schools, colleges, and different housing societies are planning a celebration. But do you think your kids know enough about this day? I think kids do not have much knowledge about this important day. When I asked few kids about this day, they were clueless. Kids need more awareness of our history, legacy, and country.

I feel that you must help your kids to know about your country. They should know about hardships which were faced by our freedom fighters to get freedom.
You can start imparting the knowledge about it on this day. Kids should know why we celebrate this day and what the significance is. If they are informed about this day, it will help them to respect our country and take pride in being Indian.

  1. Facts to teach kids about republic day –

There are many interesting and amazing facts about this day. Talk to them and explain to them that on this day our constitution came in to force. Explain to them the significance of this day. Ask open-ended questions – Do you know what constitution is? Do you know our constitution is the longest in the world? Do you know Republic day is actually celebrated for three days and each day has its own significance?

As kids don’t know what happens on this day, try making it interesting for them to understand.

  1. Involve them in activities –

Kids know that it’s a national holiday as they get a holiday from school and they see different activities happening around this day. But it’s important to involve them so that they can learn its significance. In our housing complex, every year on 26th January, the celebrations start with flag hoisting, cultural programs and a sports day. I make it a point to encourage my daughters to either participate or at least witness the flag hoisting and other programs.

  1. Watch Republic day parade on TV –

As kids, we always used to look forward to Republic day parade on TV. Delhi Republic day parade is the beautiful and the largest parade in India which lasts for 3 days. The parade showcases dances and musical programs by different states of India. Different defense forces also showcase amazing acts and get awards from the president of India.  Make sure you show your kids this parade as it is telecasted live on many channels.

  1. Plan an outing –

This year it’s a long weekend and many people already have plans to travel. If parents plan to travel every time around these days, how can kids learn about these significant days? There are ways to involve kids even when you are travelling. When you plan a travel, make sure to show kids around the city for different decorations and different way of celebrations. 


  1. Activities around the theme –

Kids can make crafts around the Republic day theme. Make an Indian flag, cook tricolour food items, bake a tricolour cake or even make decorative items for this day with your kids.

These small things can be very helpful to teach kids about this significant day. Make sure you actively participate with them in everything they do as it shows them how important this day is for our country.

I hope you are all ready to celebrate this Republic day with your kids little differently this year.

Now it’s over to you. Do let us know any more ways to involve kids this 26th January.

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