I know you all must be wondering about the topic. How are dance and parenting related?

Well, I always wanted to share my thoughts about dancing as a dance teacher and choreographer.  I love dancing and it just makes me forget everything when I am dancing.

It changed me completely when I was in school. I was not a very confident child and had stage fear too.When I was in 7th grade, I was selected for all major dance performances for the annual day. I was elated as I was the only girl who was selected from my class. Something changed in me that day after performing in front of a large audience for the first time.

A Few years back, just to follow my passion of dancing, I started my dance classes for kids. Now I own my own dance academy and love spending time with my students, teaching them and listening to their cute stories. As a teacher, I have seen them change in front of my eyes. Many of them became much more confident.

My younger one learns kathak and I have seen a huge difference in her overall. I feel kids should definitely learn some kind of dance form in their life.

Dance has many benefits-

As a parent and as a teacher, I recommend dancing to everybody. These are my personal view from my experience with many kids in last 7 years of teaching dance.

Do they start dancing as soon as they listen to music? Do they show latest moves to you all the time?

It’s time to enroll them in some dance class or get a good teacher for them. Not only dance but benefits of any extracurricular activities cannot be denied. So, I am writing about other activities in my next post. Stay tuned. 🙂


A for Affection

B for Believe

C for Confidence