Gratitude is very important as it is a feeling of being thankful for everything in life. Be thankful and it can set you free and make you value many things in your life. We keep on crying over spilled milk and over those things which are not in our hands. I am sharing my gratitude list for September.


I am going to write a gratitude list end of every month now as it is important to be thankful. This month lot of new things happened and has been an eventful month for my blog.

My gratitude list for September –

  1. The Blog chatter– I came to know about blogchatter through twitter and to be frank, initially I didn’t understand anything. But slowly as I started participating more, got to learn a lot from them. I participated in #MyFriendAlexa campaign and not only saw my blog going to a next level but also became aware of many new things.  Today I am thankful to them for being great teachers and mentors. copy-of-copy-of-alexa-rank
  2. New friends- I made some new blogger friends like Amrita , Menaka, Geetika, Tina, Ramya, Jaibala, Anindya, Mahek, Mayuri, Dixita,   Abhi, Atul, Kala, Mayura, Ashu and many more. Today, I am thankful for all these friends and old friends like Saumy and Masoom for just being there. A special thanks to Amrita for holding my finger and guiding me. animated-gif-friends-glitter-images-69
  3. Family vacation- We went on a trip to backwaters of Kerala and loved every bit of it. Time spent with family is precious and enjoyable. It is called as ‘God’s own country’ as its beautiful (A new photo blog coming up on this soon). Today, I am thankful for my family and time spent with them. family
  4. Being featured– My new doctor friend Amrita Mishra Basu featured me in her “Mompreneur series” and I felt like a celebrity. I felt there are so many things to be thankful of while writing all my answers for her questions. Today, I am thankful to Amrita for featuring me and for all the things I was able to do in life.momprenuer-2
  5. Count my blessings- There are so many tragic and scary things happening in world today that it’s easy to get scared. I am grateful that all these are like reminder to count my blessings. Today, I am thankful for all the blessings in my life. 
    Image courtesy- Pixabay

    Image courtesy- Pixabay

    This post is for Day 5 of UBC and Daily Chatter