Gender stereotyping is a notion or conception about gender roles. For example, people normally see women as homemakers or caregivers and men as breadwinners. Due to gender stereotypes, inequalities keep going and that’s why it’s important to break them. It can impact women in different ways. There are some good examples in our movies and that’s why I am sharing Bollywood movies that broke gender stereotypes.

5 Bollywood movies that broke gender stereotypes-

  1. Piku – In this movie, the main character ‘Piku’ played by Dipika Padukone is one of my favourites. This movie breaks the stereotype that one has to get married to live a happy life. It showed that it’s completely ok for a daughter to take care of his parents and live in their house. Deepika plays an independent and fierce young lady who lives on her own terms.

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  2. English Vinglish – I love this movie for different reasons and can watch it multiple times. Sridevi plays the role of a middle-class housewife called Sasi who breaks the stereotype that women can’t do it all. She also showed us that age is not a bar and you can follow your dreams at any age only if you are determined. She learnt English by enrolling herself in a class and comes out as a winner. Also, read – my review of the movie Panga.

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  3. Queen – Who doesn’t remember  Rani from Queen? It is a wonderful movie that broke the stereotype that only marriage is not a happy ending for a woman. Rani played by Kangana Ranaut showed us that women can travel alone, they can enjoy on their own, they can be independent and free only if they want to. It’s all about taking that first step.

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  4. Tumhari Sulu – Vidya Balan plays the role of a middle-class wife and mother as ‘Sulu’ who has big dreams. In this movie, she broke the stereotype that women can’t work or achieve their dreams after becoming a mom. It’s a story of a typical Indian married woman who is trying to break the stereotypes. As she wanted to do something different in her life, she worked hard to do it and came out as a winner.

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  5. Ki and Ka – This movie broke the stereotype about the gender roles of a wife and a husband. In this movie, Kareena played a working wife and Arjun Kapoor played the role of a househusband. So, it’s different from how our society looks at stereotypical roles of men and women. Actually, this movie busted a lot of taboos or myths – a woman cant earn more than her husband, women can’t party late with friends or they need men to protect them, etc.

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Bollywood has surely some nice female-oriented movies that broke the stereotypes. Many times people see these movies as a reflection of their own life and I am sure such movies impact them in some or the another way. Do you remember any more movies that you feel should be a part of this list? Do let me know in the comments below.

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