As a mom and a nutritionist, I always say, a balanced meal is a key to get all the essential nutrients in the diet. Kids need the essential nutrients for growth and immunity, but it’s not easy if a child is a fussy eater. One of the essential micronutrients is proteins which are crucial for the growth and development of a child, and that’s why I am sharing how to choose the right protein powder for kids in this post.

What are the essential nutrients a child needs for growth?

Protein – It helps to build muscles and other tissues in a child body. It’s also vital to give immunity.

Iron – It’s crucial for growth as it carries oxygen in the body and makes RBC’S.

Vitamin D and Calcium – Both are important for bone health and helps build strong bones.

Vitamin C – It’s crucial for immunity, healing, and brain development.

Why are proteins essential for growth?

According to Medline Plus, Proteins are the building blocks of life, and one needs protein in the diet to help the body repair cells and make new ones. That’s why it’s essential for growth in kids and teens. Also, make sure there are enough protein sources in the diet to get essential and non-essential amino acids which help in better absorption.

Ways to include proteins in the diet 

  1. Include Food items like milk and other milk products in the diet. Yoghurt, curd, milkshakes and smoothies etc. is excellent to include them in the diet.
  2. There are many non-veg and veg sources like eggs, peanut butter, cheese, soymilk, tofu, nuts, legumes etc. which can provide proteins to your child.
  3. If you feel your child is not getting enough proteins or is a fussy eater, it’s ok to include protein powders in the diet. There are many options of protein powders for kids which can help provide the right nourishment to the child.  Right Protein powder for kids

How to choose the right protein powder for kids –

Do you feel your child needs a meal replacement? Or are you looking for a good protein powder for kids? Also, are you confused about how to choose the right protein powder for kids? Let me share some points –

No extra sugars and no sugar substitutes – Make sure the protein powder is not loaded with sugars, Kids do not need that much sugar at a young age. Also, sugar substitutes are not healthy. Read the ingredients carefully to see there are no added GMO, no metals, and no such ingredient which is artificial. Organic is the best. So, always choose a protein powder for kids that has natural ingredients. Also, make sure you are giving the right dose according to a child’s age, weight, and height.  

If you feel your child needs a protein powder, do check with your paediatrician once. If you are concerned that your child is not getting enough proteins, it’s a good idea to include protein powder. It’s also essential for older kids, and you can easily include them through shakes and smoothies. I hope you find this post helpful but always check with your doctor before deciding it.