Review of Creative kids by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna-

About the author –

Dr. Surbhi Prapanna is a homeopathic therapist by profession and a writer and blogger by passion. She has more than 4 years of professional writing experience and her work had been published on various prestigious online platforms like,,, and Health, parenting and creative activities for kids (art, crafts, DIYs, etc.) are her niche. And she shares her areas of expertise and parenting experience on her blog She has won so many awards for her academic and professional excellence but won the “Best parent award” is the most precious and satisfying experience of her life.

About the book –

This book is a collection of 26 easy art, craft, DIY and fun activities for kids. She had kept A2Z theme for this book and shared easy activities with each alphabet. All these activities are simple, entertaining and made up with inexpensive, available at home supplies. While most of the chapters of the book have creative activities for kids but in some chapters, she had shared other important topics like kid’s entertainment, overall personality development of kids, and physical activities for kids (childhood obesity) as well.

What I liked about the book –

I am a big fan of creativity and strongly believe that there is nothing more satisfying for kids than to be able to express themselves through creative mediums. When I came to know about this book, I knew I had to explore it. First, I loved the topic itself. Many parents look out for craft ideas to keep their kids engaged and this book is like a one-stop solution for them.

Surbhi included 26 fun and interactive projects which are fun and easy to make. She introduced enjoyable ideas on how you can use a script to make bubbles, design greeting cards, festive cards, stress balls, t-shirts, nature-inspired crafts, just to mention a few.

The best part is that she used photographs of real kids making those crafts and also the real crafts. For example, blowing homemade bubbles, using colours, pens and crayons and more. It’s so good to see the actual pictures of all the crafts.

This book is a boon for parents especially during summer vacations or holidays when kids just want to be on gadgets.

Something to add –

I would have loved some more pictures and some more craft ideas for older kids. I am looking forward to a second part of the book where Surbhi can include new ideas.

A roundup –

I would recommend this book to all the moms. The book has some great information and tips for parents to keep their kids engaged creatively. This book is great as it has a lot of information in a concrete form. I would also recommend it for easy to read and practical information. There are easy-to-follow instructions and young crafters will quickly be trying these easy crafts. This book is Surbhi’s first book and a great start of her author journey.

I have already downloaded it and shared with many friends and family.

Are you a mom who is looking for ideas to keep kids engaged?

Look no further as this book has all the answers and the best part is that it is written by a mom. Download today and find all the easy ideas.