I am a mom of a teen and a tween and although both stages are tricky, I find tween stage much more difficult to handle. The tween years, also called pre-adolescence, are the years from ages 9-12. Although it’s just like any other age, the zillions of changes taking place over these few years are mind-blowing and terrifying at the same time.

My younger one celebrates her 12th birthday this year and every day is a new challenge full of a lot of unpredictable moments. As its only one more year to go before she turns a teenager, we are planning a movie party with her besties.

There are many fun tween birthday party ideas –

Movie themed party –

This is the idea for our tween’s birthday this year as we are planning to take all her friends for a movie and lunch. You can book the movie tickets and the restaurant in advance. It can be any movie of their choice or any latest Disney movie. Make sure you inform their parents well in advance so that they can send kids on time for the movie.

Scavenger hunt party –

Scavenger fun is a lot of fun and kids love to go around and finish the task listed for them. The main idea of the scavenger hunt is to divide into teams then each team races to see who can find or finish the items given on a list first. Scavenger hunts are fun, easy to plan, kids’ love it and it can easily be arranged outdoors.

Decorate a cake party –

One of my friends is a baker and she organises these cake and cupcake decorating parties for kids. My daughter has attended few such parties and she loved it especially the part where they get everything they bake or decorate to take home. You can easily plan this at home too. Either bake few cakes or cookies at home or order just the plain cake from outside with the decorating items. Let the kids decorate their own cakes and cookies.

Art and craft party –

My elder one loves art and on her 12th birthday, I knew she would love something to do with art. So, we planned a t-shirt painting for her friends. You can get some plain t-shirts in any colour preferably any light colour. Also get some fabric paints and give each child one t-shirt and paints when they arrive. Let them design and colour their own t-shirt. In the end, everyone can wear the T-Shirts.

Pizza party –

Children love pizza and if the whole theme of a party is Pizza, its like dream come true for them! For a pizza party, they get to make and bake their own pizza with their choice of ingredients. Just keep the ingredients, cheese, and the base ready before they come.
You can even arrange for aprons or chefs hats for them. Alternatively, they can make their own paper chef hats too. I am sure it will be the most popular idea out of all tween birthday party ideas.

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Dance party –

My tween loves dancing and it was one of the ideas which I wanted to keep this year but she preferred a movie. For a dance party, just check with your tween about her and her friends if they will enjoy it. If yes, you can arrange for some disco lights, some age-appropriate dance music (let them choose the music) and if you can arrange a fog machine to give it the actual effects. Kids can groove to their favourite songs and have fun.

Spa party –

If it’s a girl birthday party, you can take tween and her friends for a fun day at a spa. You can take them all to a salon and get them pampered with manicure, pedicures, hair settings etc. Another option is to plan a spa party at home instead of taking them all to a salon. Just bring the spa supplies like cotton balls, nail paints, nail filers, pedicure tub, facial stuff etc. for a royal princess treatment.

Games and fun party –

You can just arrange a simple party at home or in your backyard and plan a lot of fun games for them. You can plan games like truth or dare, treasure hunt, pass the parcel, twister, spin the bottle or even anything like an X box or any similar video games. Last year we planned a party at home and the girls enjoyed a lot playing Xbox games.

Music party –

If your child loves music and listening to songs, this is a perfect idea. You can arrange a karaoke machine with some extra microphones for your child her friends to sing and enjoy. They can sing their favourite songs and have fun. You can also arrange for some fun props like pom poms, hula hoops etc. to make it a fun party for them. Music puts everyone in a good mood and once it’s on, you will see kids energised and happy. If your child wants some of his favourite songs to play, you can help them download and make a playlist.

Sleepover party –

Last but not least, this is something which can be paired with any other party idea like a pizza party or a dance party. Kids can stay for a sleepover for little more fun. Sleepovers or a slumber party can be a lot of fun for kids. You can plan some games for them to play at night before sleeping. They can have breakfast together in the morning before leaving for their homes.

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The main idea is to plan the party around the things tweens love. Just think of any one thing which your child loves most and plan accordingly. What is your favourite birthday party idea? Do let me know any more tween birthday party ideas in the comments below.