We are back with a new creative mom this week. There are so many moms around me who are doing great work in creative fields. Many of them have completely changed their fields and entered creative fields. It feels good to see them managing their small entrepreneurs and also feeling good about it as they are doing what they love.

Today we are featuring one such mom who was a corporate girl and now is a famous home baker. Introducing – Rina Chakravarty who runs a successful baking and catering business from her home and her story from the corporate world to running her own venture is inspiring.


Her venture is called ‘Sweet Tooth’ and is surely spreading sweetness around her with her yummy products.

What is your background? How did you start baking business?

I graduated in Entrepreneurial Management and Post Graduated in Business Management. Least did I know that time that I will have a venture of my own. I worked for 9 years in the corporate sector.

 6 months into parenting was the time I decided to quit the job. I wanted to enjoy my son’s first milestones and motherhood. I did plan to go back to work after about 2 years but got to know I have conceived again. So all the plans took a back seat. When kids grew up a little bit and their tastes were developing I started baking muffins for them. Slowly I started making cupcakes, desserts, etc. whenever we had get-togethers at home.

The appreciation and encouragement I got from my family and friends is what made me start Sweet Tooth.


Is it a bag or a cake? One of Rinas beautiful creations.

Did you go to any baking school for learning?

No, I am a self-taught baker and the learning is still on.

What is your hot selling product?

Chocolate Decadence / Chocolate Strawberry Cake / Eggless Mousse and Snack Boxes that I do for parties. 



I started with Muffins and Cupcakes slowly venturing into Desserts and Cakes (Tea / Theme and Nontheme cakes) and gradually venturing into catering too. I specialize in Cupcakes, Cakes, Cookies, Chocolates, Desserts, Snack Boxes and Food for parties/get together or any occasion. 

What is your inspiration?

A smile on a child’s face, feedback from my clients, pride, and support from my family. All of these inspire me to work hard.


Rina with her family

Most important tip for new bakers and for struggling entrepreneurs.

Work hard and be sincere to your work. Never compromise on the quality. Do not let a bad day stop you from reaching your goals.

What is your vision? Where do you see your baking business in 5 years?

I wish to start a Café of my own someday.


Party snack boxes for kids

What all challenges you faced in the starting?

Reaching out to the customers, sourcing the ingredients (most of it is available in India now) and convincing the customer about the pricing.

What message other moms get from Rina’s journey?

Every mom’s story teaches us something and inspires us to go out and try, do what we love to do and follow our heart. 

Rina’s inspiring journey shows us that no school can give the gift of talent but it can only prepare you to be skilled and expert. It is surely a lot of hard work but what keeps you going it is just the love and passion for what you do.

You can contact Rina to know more about her or to order yummy stuff at her facebook page- Sweet Tooth.


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