A mom always wants best for her kids. She wants to protect them from anything and everything remotely bad that the world can offer.Β And as a mom, I know how it feels when you are not able to fulfil their wishes. As a mom, I think I will always go to unfathomable extents to protect my child.

As someone once said, “The depth of the love of parents for their children cannot be measured. It is like no other relationship. It exceeds concern for life itself”

But we have in our society, children who are not flourished with this amount of care. These are the kids who go without enough love, at time without enough of basics like food & comfort and definitely without the warmth of woolens in winters. Now think of the extent of hardships they face during the harsh North India winters.

My heart goes out to these underprivileged kids whenever I see them. I really wish I could help.

A month ( or so) back, I came to know about this initiative in Delhi/NCR by Godrej called β€˜Ezee Hugs’ and was impressed by the work they have done for underprivileged kids. (This year was apparently the 4th year of their running), and for the uninitiated, this is a winter wear donation drive where woolens are crowd-sourced by the untiring efforts of Godrej Ezee. And eventually redistributed among the needy children in collaboration with an NGO of vintage.

Beyond the initial excitement of discovering this campaign, I kept myself updated by following the buzz on Twitter (https://twitter.com/godrejezee) – and it was lovely to be an audience ( and then a contributor too) to this wonderful initiative that kept travelling far and spreading warmth.

Now, let me collate some stats here to give all of you a sense of what happened:

This year, 150+schools, 30+ colleges, a bunch of corporates ( not sure of the exact final count)and Ola cabs joined the initiative to make it bigger and ensure woolens are collected from length and breadth of Delhi. I heard Ezee washes the woolens and then re-distributes it, which is kinda amazing.

76742 sweaters ( a jaw- dropping number) is what I see that the campaign has finally clocked.

I have stayed in north India for significant time ( I now stay in Bangalore ) and I could only contribute indirectly by talking to my friends and relatives based out of Delhi ( and doing enough follow-ups till most of them donated πŸ™‚ )

I would really like to be a part of this kind of initiative if they plan anything like this in Bangalore. And here’s an open commitment to be a volunteer if Godrej Ezee or any other organization would want to drive a similar cause in this city.

Thanks to the cause and all our dinner-table talks, even my little daughter knows now the plight of the underprivileged children during winters. And ( thankfully) wants to do her bit for a similar cause.

Watch this small video made by them to know more about it-

My humble call to anyone reading this blog, please go ahead and participate too.