“The moments may have ended but memories last forever”

Today I am taking you all down a memory lane with all my first movies at different stages of life.

My parents were both movie buffs and they used to watch all the movies in theatres. I still remember my dad never liked getting late for a movie as he didn’t like to even miss an advertisement which are shown before movies. One thing my dad passed on, intentional or not, was his love of movies to us.

My first memory of a movie with them is watching “Masoom” when I was just 5 years old. I still remember there was a long line to get in and I had a little popcorn while watching a big screen. I also remember seeing, “Hum aapke hain kaun” when I was 14 or 15 years old, and I fell in love with Madhuri dixit right there and then.

My first movie memory with my college friends is also very special. In first year of graduation, I was in a hostel and we all got first outing on a Sunday. So, we planned our first movie outing and watched, ‘Khamoshi’. It was special as it was our first movie in a new city with new friends and without our parents.

After marriage, we planned to watch a movie on a weekend but didn’t get tickets at the last-minute for most of them and ended up watching “Planet of the apes‘. So, yes, our first movie together was ‘Planet of the apes’ and we still laugh about it.

My first movie memory with my elder one is of ‘Finding Nemo‘ which we all loved and we still love watching it. She was obsessed with the movie for some time and would watch it anywhere and anytime. She would not move while watching it.

Memories! There’s not much that can make you smile, make you happy and get you nostalgic like a trip down the memory lane. Now it’s your turn to share your movie memories with us.

Share with us your first movie memories.

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