I am participating in #AtoZchallenge again this year. I am again very excited but apprehensive similar to the last time. It’s a great challenge and I really want to participate in it but not sure if I can do it. This year there are a lot of things on the personal front which are holding me back.

Last year I wrote about parenting which is something which represents my blog.  I was very sure of the theme last year. This year I was not sure of the topic and as always, my friend and blogger Mayuri came to the rescue. It’s time to reveal my theme and announce it to all of you. I will be introducing some healthy recipes which are quick and easy. The best part is they will be all made up of healthy ingredients and there will be a nutritional tips and tricks section too.


I am planning not to go with only one type of recipe. There will be a mix of different types of desserts, snacks, main course and drinks in my list of 26 healthy recipes. This year my challenge is dedicated to my love of food. There will be some simple, easy, healthy and yummy recipes selected by me as a foodie mom.

Blogging and I are inseparable from the time I started this website. I like to blog regularly and consistently. So, keeping my fingers crossed, here I embark on this journey with many other bloggers. It is just 3 months of 2018 but it seems a lot already. I just hope that I will be able to not only continue but also finish it successfully.

So, this was just a teaser of what’s coming ahead. This year I want my creativity to shine through everything I create. So, just sit, relax, and enjoy my recipes as I pour my heart out. Hope to see you all on my blog in April.

Wishing all the best to all other bloggers who are also a part of this journey, I sign off to cook some recipes which will be showcased soon on my blog.

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