So you found your Knight and Shining Armor in the chaos of the ever-increasing population and got married to him, isn’t it! You held hands and saw the world together on many occasions. Like, honeymoon and spending some mesmerizing evenings with lip-smacking food and coming home with memories to cling upon for a lifetime!

Right from getting the morning tea through reading the newspaper together to giving each other a good night kiss, it is all so romantic! You experienced a mesmerizing change in your life.  You started seeing the world with a perspective of a responsible wife and became a part of his family and your new family!

Until you started experiencing minor speed bumps in your way which started hampering your relations (Don’t Worry Its Normal)

The Speed Bumps:

Anniversary portrait by Portraitflip

Every girl has a perspective of marriage as this ultimate life where most of the things are perfect. With the new life routine, they start expecting a perfect life until the reality kicks in and you are responsible for dinner, laundry, maids, and every small duty in a house.

Soon you realize that you are not only a wife but a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law and at times a mother as well!

Your relationship starts taking a toll. You are left with misunderstandings and quarrels with your Knight and Shining Armor (Remember, It’s Just A Speed Bump).

The Effort:

The effort matters!

Efforts like:

  • Spending at least an evening in a week together and talking about each other.
  • Handling chores of work together.
  • Cooking together.
  • Listening to the day of your spouse.
  • Going for holidays.
  • Gifting as you used to when you were dating.

Which reminds me to suggest a fresh gifting idea!

One of the best gifting ideas for your spouse would be an Anniversary Painting From Photo!

Imagine! A painting made from a candid photo of you two hung in your bedroom, it would definitely spice things up!

These small gestures of yours go a long way in Building Relationships, Nurturing Love and Caring for each other till your 70’s!

Why Anniversary Portrait From PortraitFlip?

Folks at PortraitFlip believe that a painting is not just a gift. Rather it is an experience which makes you relive the moments you spent together and makes you cherish them for a lifetime!

They can convert your photos into Oil, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Pencil, Charcoal or Acrylic Portraits by curating the painting in their gallery which houses more than 100 specialist artists.

They want their paintings to make the lives of people utterly cheerful which fuels them to offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 24*7 support.

Also, they have made it very simple to cater to tailored orders by their 3 steps online ordering service:

  1. Upload the photos which you want a painting of.
  2. Select one medium.
  3. Select one framing option among Rolled, Gallery Wrapped or a Frame and place the order.

One of the best things about PortraitFlip is they think of the portrait as a happy and emotional experience. This thoughtfulness leaves people with tears of joy when they unwrap the package as shown in the video testimonials on their YouTube channel. You can check them out and try your own Anniversary portrait by PortraitFlip.

There Is Never An End:

There will always be difficult times when a lot of things will be going on in your life. Expectations and misunderstanding will pile up but the trick is to go back and make AN EFFORT!


“A great marriage is not when the perfect couple lives together, but it is when the imperfect couple enjoys the differences”

Happy Anniversary!