Every summer, thousands of people flock to music festivals all over the world. One of the best ways to see a number of your favourite performers on the same day or weekend, festivals are often just as much about celebrating music as they are fashion. Festival fashion is a trend in its own right, and there are plenty of different outfit options to consider if you’re attending a music festival such as Coachella or Glastonbury this summer. We’ve put together a list of festival essentials when it comes to your outfit.

First Music festival

Sturdy Shoes or Boots:

Whatever music festival you are attending, some comfortable and sturdy shoes or boots are a must. Rubber boots are a good idea if you are expecting it to be wet and muddy but for dry weather, you really can’t go wrong with a comfortable pair of sneakers to support your feet through all that dancing and look great with your outfit at the same time. If you want to invest in a more high-end brand, the  Balenciaga sneakers from SSENSE are the perfect choice for a music festival; they’re comfortable, stylish and bang on trend, not to mention that you can pair them with just about any outfit you choose to wear.

Waist Bag:

At a music festival, keeping your bag as close to you as possible is important. So, a waist bag or a belt bag is a good idea as not only does it allow you to go hands-free when dancing to your favourite tunes, the fact that it’s on the front means that you can keep your eye on it and it’s harder for would-be pick-pockets to get into than a backpack.


Although they’re not really clothing, it’s important to take a pair of sunglasses to music festivals! If you’re going to be watching performances out in the open during the summer, then you can expect the sun to be out and your eyes will certainly need protection. You might also want to consider wearing a hat which will shade your face and neck from the sun and help you to avoid peeling sunburn the next day.


Shorts are the top choice of bottoms to wear to a festival because they’re comfortable and come in all different styles and colours. If you’re going to be attending a festival over a couple of days, then you can save packing space by wearing the same pair of denim shorts on both days with a different top.

Jacket or Hoodie:

Although you probably won’t be needing this during the day, if the temperature drops after the sunset, then you will be glad that you brought a jacket or hoodie along. If you’re going to be camping at a weekend festival, then bringing along warm clothing for the night time is essential.

Warm Socks:

If you’re going to be camping at a festival, then warm socks are absolutely necessary to make sure that your feet are nice and cozy at night. But, even if you’re only attending for the day, wearing thick socks inside your boots can help to protect them from blisters. Woollen socks are a good choice for festivals, as they’re breathable and comfortable.

What are your music festival outfit must-haves?