I am a blogger and a writer who still likes to use pen and paper a lot. You can call me old school but I still use diaries, notepads, notebooks, and journals a lot. I know many people who use their phones or laptops to save even a small information. But I still find it easier to write it down in my notebook.


My different journals and diaries

I have this habit of making long to-do lists every day. I have a favourite notebook where I store all my information. Actually, this habit is from school time when I had beautiful diaries where I used to write every day.

This habit continued till college when I used to note down everything at the end of the day. I also had a habit of doodling and I still have my doodle book from college with me.

A few days back, I received a beautiful creative journal from Matrikas which got back all these memories. It is so pretty that I didn’t want to open the packing initially. The one I got is a beautiful red with a golden feather on the cover.


I got a good surprise when I opened it. The best part is that it’s not only like a typical diary with ruled pages. It has doodling pages in between. Also, there are colouring sheets with pretty designs in between. It is definitely a collectible.

I am just waiting to send my thoughts fluttering to the pages of this beautiful journal. It provides a lot of space for personal writing, sketching or just to jot down poems. I like that it has an elastic band attached to the back to keep the journal closed and a place to keep a pen too.

I have a teen and tween daughters who also love journals and diaries. When they saw the journal, they both wanted it for themselves. I promised them to check Matrikas collection to order something pretty like this one for them.

So, while I hop over to check their collection, why don’t you order one journal for yourself too? It is available on Amazon and you can check their website here.

Thankyou MatrikaS for sending me this beautiful creative journal. 

I am going to recommend it to anyone who is looking for beautiful journals for themselves or to gift to family or friends.

I am participating in Matrika’s – Scribble your heart away campaign-2 on Facebook. This woman’s creative journal came in yesterday and this is my review of the same.