I am a choreographer and a teacher. I have seen a lot of different kids in my classes and in the different holiday camps which I used to conduct. Some kids were genuinely interested in the classes but some were just sent by parents to explore and try if they like it. I strongly believe that it is very important for a child to follow his or her passion. Do not force them in different classes just because somebody else is sending their kids too.

If a child shows interest in something, encourage him or her to go for extra classes for that. But sometimes, they need an elder’s guidance too. If you genuinely see a talent in your child, it’s good to guide the child in the right direction. These days so many options are available for kids. Choose the right classes or after school classes and enroll them in the field of their interest.

music helps children

How music helped my daughter-

My elder one has a good voice and we observed that she was good at singing when she was just 4 years old. We started singing classes for her. After only a few classes, we were amazed to see her perform. She performed very confidently in front of a large group of people when she was just 7 years old and that is when she also started playing keyboard on the Casio Mini keyboard.

More than anything, I observed a big change in her after she started learning music. Music changed my daughter and made her more confident. I heard many times that learning a musical instrument can affect your child’s intelligence in a positive way. Music helps children to be smarter as they use different parts of the brain when they compose tunes or follow notes. I witnessed this in my daughter.

She learned keyboard for 4 years and is still learning classical vocal singing. But I never forced her and tried to encourage her whenever I felt she was losing interest or focus. The best part of learning the keyboard was that she looked smart & cool in front of the crowd. Initially, she felt a bit low on confidence but with each passing day, her confidence increased leaps and bounds. We used to bond with her over music and it resulted in building a great bond with her – a bond where we were more like friends to her than parents.

She performed in school competitions and events

How music helps children-

Her concentration level improved as playing the Keyboard Mini not only resulted in learning the musical chords but also gave her the confidence to learn & perform. Since her concentration level has drastically improved, now when she gets immersed in a job, she completely forgets the world around her.

As a matter of fact, she is now a part of the orchestra group in her school. At a very young age, she is learning the importance of team-work. To summarize, this resulted in boosting her overall confidence and also shape up her personality.

But in today’s world, there are so many options for musical Keyboards that as a consumer, we might end up making the wrong choice. Music is all about the right chords and a below average instrument can ruin your entire musical journey. After a lot of research and consulting our friends who also had a musical inclination, we shortlisted the Casio Keyboard since Brand and Quality matters the most.

Our experience

We bought a Casio Mini keyboard for her when she was 7. We still have it with us and hoping my younger one to use it someday.

The Casio Mini keyboard is loaded with many features and also comes with a three-year warranty. The Casio SA-47 Mini keyboard has 32 Mini size keys, 100 tones, 10 Song Bank Tunes and 50 rhythms. I am sure we gave her lifelong love for music which is going to always stay with her. If you see your child’s interest in something, guide them, and help them but never push them for anything. Instead, guide them about their area of interest.

We are glad that we could encourage our daughter to pursue her hobby. We knew that there are many advantages of playing a musical instrument as music helps children. But the Casio was highly instrumental in shaping her overall personality.

So always encourage your kids to participate and perform on stage as this helps them to overcome stage fear. Also, do let them know it’s about participating and not about winning since there are ample amount of learnings in that entire journey!