Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

I strongly believe in this adage as a mom and a teacher. My parents were from an education background and we were always taught about the importance of education in our life. Now as a mom, I make sure to always teach my kids to value education and understand its importance. I also feel that teachers and parents play an important role in preparing kids for the future.

One way to prepare kids for the future is to ensure that they stay in touch with all the latest developments. Our country is changing at a fast pace and technology plays an important role in it. Digital India is a new initiative which aims to empower our youth and make them future-ready.

These days many schools have desktops and laptops to prepare kids right from the start. I feel it’s a great initiative but it’s pivotal for a parent to have the know-how. It’s even more important that a parent should be aware of the uses of a PC at home. It is common for youngsters these days to use smartphones and gadgets like tabs and laptops. But its parents’ duty to show them how it is a great learning tool.

How I use it at home and how the use of PC/laptop at home made many things easier for us –

  1. As a writer and blogger, I use my laptop for work to write posts, send emails and use social media as an influencer.
  2. As a freelancer dietician, I use it to interact with my clients.
  3. I also use it pay for groceries, my kids’ tuition, extracurricular classes’ fees and online shopping via net banking.
  4. As a mom, I use it to open the documents and emails sent by the school. Also, my daughter’s school regularly sends assignments and other stuff online.
  5. My kids use it regularly to gather information for their school projects.
  6. My husband uses it to pay bills and book travel tickets.

Now the question is – although India has progressed a lot in terms of going digital, what about the small cities and towns? There is still a need for more awareness especially in schools and colleges in small cities. When something is started early, it is always beneficial in the long run. I recently came to know about this initiative by Dell called PC Literacy with Dell Aarambh.

Aarambh means beginning and it is surely a right beginning.

What is Dell Aarambh or PC Literacy with Dell Aarambh?

It is a program to create awareness for PC use in education. It is a step in the right direction. PC Literacy is the need of the hour if we want to make our kids future-ready. Technology is used everywhere in India and it is really helpful but not everyone has access to or knows how to use it. That’s why Dell started this initiative in many different schools as formative years are the best to influence and educate the students about a PC’s utility. Parents and teachers play an important role in this. When a child is aware, he/she can teach their parents and make them digitally independent. Also, if a parent knows how to use a PC, they can help their kids at home too.

PC literacy with Dell Aarambh

Why do I like this initiative?

As a mom and as a teacher, this initiative by Dell got my attention because I strongly feel that PC for literacy is a much-needed initiative in our country. It can help to prepare our kids to be future ready. The topic of education is close to my heart and I see a lot of flaws in our country’s education system. PC Literacy can help in replacing rote learning with practical learning as the latter is fun, interesting and helps kids grasp the concepts better.

PC Literacy is the need of the hour and Dell Arambh is a huge step in the right direction.


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*Pictures courtesy Dell Aarambh.