A mom is always on a lookout for healthy stuff for their kids and like any other mom, I also make sure to give my kids healthy stuff for healthy height and weight. My younger one is a very active child who is always on the run. She cannot sit still even while studying or eating. When she was small, she was a very picky and a fussy eater. So, I knew that I had to add something extra to her meals to increase the nutrition quotient. Fussy eaters can miss the milestones due to nutrition gaps and I consulted her paediatrician and few of my friends. They all recommended PediaSure for complete nutrition.

PediaSure complete nutrition for my daughter-

My choice was PediaSure complete nutrition for her. It is a mix of 37 nutrients to support healthy height and weight gain in kids. It’s available in vanilla delight and Kesar badam flavours and I tried chocolate flavour for my daughter and she loves it. It also boosts brain development and immunity in kids.

Recently, when I ordered my new pack, I observed that PediaSure has changed the packaging. It looked good and the best part is that the new one is a plastic-free carton box. There is a foil pouch inside the carton box.

PediaSure complete nutrition and its new packaging –

PediaSure has come out with a new look for their good old PediaSure. The new look contains the words “Nutrition to help kids grow” in small print below the title PediaSure which is similar to the older pack. Packaging size and formulation is the same. The first thing which my daughter noticed was the thing written on the top of the packaging – Fun N Learn Activity inside.

The Pediasure fun activity –

There is a fun activity for kids on the inner side of the carton box. It’s a craft activity in which kids can make a clock stand – round the clock. It is a Do-It-yourself interactive timetable which is a fun way to teach them time management. As its holidays time, it’s the best time for kids to learn to make a routine. This activity is going to help kids to help build their creativity.

Why did I like PediaSure’s new packaging?

As a mom and a dietician, I try to create a healthy environment at home and recently I removed all the plastic stuff from my home. I knew plastic is bad for our health and stopped using the plastic containers in my kitchen especially in the microwave. The new packaging of PediaSure is made of paper carton box with a foil pouch. My daughter and I liked PediaSure and now we love it even more with its new packaging. She is excited to do the activity in the new packaging and can’t wait to show it to her friends. If you want to see and do this fun activity with your kids, you can order PediaSure and see for yourself.

With this new packaging, PediaSure is a perfect combination of fun, learning, and nutrition.