“Being a mom is a tough job.” Haven’t we heard this a hundredth time? Yes, it is a tough job and sometimes monotonous too. I realise that I am in a different world now. Here things are always running at a very high pace. I am busy at home, kitchen, laundry, food menu, school, office, husband, kids and the list will never stop.

The other day, I was deciding the lunch menu for school and as usual, the kids had an argument on what should be packed. Alas, I was there again sorting their issues. I was so tired that day. After kids went to school, I took a nap. My head was full of things to finish so sleep was miles away. Suddenly, I looked at the TV in the room. It sort of looked like an alien to me. I had almost forgotten to switch it on. After kids, life was only school and mobile to check school WhatsApp groups. And then I realised I had to check for the latest updates on mobile. I wanted to browse something that said “The perfect mood enhancer for Moms.”

Music channels started coming and then videos. I remembered how much I used to listen to music on my Walkman and watch music videos. They had a story of their own and the characters in them looked so real. While browsing, I came across ZEE5- a web channel. This is the new age TV I guess. And it was more convenient to handle. I found it interesting. I got my personal favourite too. On further understanding, I learnt that there is a web series called LOCKDOWN.

mood enhancer for moms

I was back in time – Episodes 1 & 2

Lockdown is a musical challenge series where 2 music artists from Bollywood and digital space come together. The challenge is to pick up two songs and recreate them in their own unique musical styles. The artists have 24 hours and they have to make 2 songs. After you watch it, I am sure you will like the show. I subscribed to ZEE5 and saw the first two episodes. The first episode had Badshah and Jonita Gandhi coming together and creating 2 magical songs that were shot in Chandigarh. Similarly, the second episode had my favourite Kailash Kher and Raja Kumari.

I must say that the talent of these chosen artists is just out of this world. The second episode songs were shot in Dharamshala, in the land of spirituality with a similar spiritual vibe evident in the songs.

The Super Cool Episode 3- LOCKDOWN Benny Dayal

By now I was closely following the episodes and eagerly waiting for the release of the latest episode featuring Benny Dayal and Bryden and Parth. This episode is shot in the beautiful locales of Goa. The most difficult part of this challenging series is choosing the correct songs. Every team has its own style of choosing songs and I liked their style of playing a drinking game and making a choice.

You need to watch their game to sense this excitement. Here, they chose the songs Gilehriyaan from Dangal and Gulabo from Shaandaar to recreate. Once they move towards the music jam sessions, the energy of the episode reached a different level. They were so in sync with each other, I can’t even explain.

Soon, the music was complete and it was time to shoot the music videos. In the videos, it was all about romancing the architecture of the place and reliving the music with extra magic and more zeal.  Be it the vintage visuals of the Gilehriyaan or the Indian classical twist to their fantastic recreation of Gulaabo, the music videos were a treat for the eyes and ears. This episode of Lockdown has only further raised my expectations and excitement for the upcoming episodes.

You need to watch the episode to understand what I just experienced.  I recently watched the first three episodes and have two more episodes to complete. Trust me, I can’t wait to go back and complete watching the remaining episodes. That’s how I excited I am. Hence, I highly recommend you to get your ZEE5 subscription – Rs 99 for 2 months and watch the latest episodes of Lockdown.

It is like we live every day, but what if we make a day extra special and exciting?

With Lockdown, you get a chance to enjoy your favourite songs at different locations with extra oomph. This is truly an instant mood enhancer for me. Just forget the usual life and remember the youth within. Music brings the lost strings of life back on track. Creativity has no limitations and this series proves it correctly… The best part is you can download the ZEE5 app on your mobile and watch it at your ease.

It is really the perfect mood enhancer for moms!

Pics courtesy – Zee5