Homeschooling, is also known as home education, means the education of kids inside the house. Home education is usually led by a parent or teacher or an online teacher. It uses comparatively fewer formal ways of teaching.

Every institutional system contributes excellent opportunities for children to learn new knowledge and abilities, as well as to provide their own unique characteristics and benefits. Homeschooling is no different than a public school or a private school.

Why do parents choose to homeschool?

Many parents prefer to homeschool their kids because they understand it is a better education system for their child. There are some excellent public schools in our country, but according to them none of them give one on one instruction to students at their exact level of knowledge.

Before you begin to think about homeschooling – it is essential to understand that it is a major lifestyle change.

Consider the following points –

  • When you decide to homeschool, you will take on the responsibilities and duties of both a teacher and principal. You will need to execute lessons, plan field trips, coordinate projects with other parents, and make sure you are obedient to state and local homeschool necessities. These duties get added to your usual role as a parent.
  • Economic costs of homeschooling – there are many free resources available, homeschool supplies such as textbooks, books, paper, and other homeschool tools cost money.
  • Time management needs to be made as a child will spend maximum time at the home, and hence fixed times will have to be set for tutoring.

There are 3 distinct types of learning – learning by observing, learning by hearing and kinesthetic learning. While visual and auditory takes place by observing presentations and attending lectures, a student leads out a physical activity in kinesthetic learning to learn things.

Homeschooling in India –

In cities like Mumbai and Pune, many parents have quit sending children to regular schools. Instead, these children now learn by themselves at home or they have parents as tutors or private home tutors. There are over 50 such kids in Bangalore. These parents interact with each other through an online forum. Through the medium of this online forum, parents seek help and understand things from each other.

Homeschooling is still a concept that is catching up in India. It is surely different from the conventional teaching and that’s why parents are skeptical to go for it. You will also have to think about the social pressure associated with the topic.

  • What will the people say?
  • Fear of if your child will be able to lead a normal life vs kids who go to regular school
  • Social contact of children
  • Will this education be good enough as he grows up?
  • The reason why your child cannot go to normal school.

There are certain standards that are to be followed – like, In India, students have to appear for Class 10 and 12 board examinations. Also, when the students peruse higher studies – JEE or PMT require these minimum standards to form a basic filter.

The good thing is that now there are a lot of support groups to help each other and homeschooling in India is picking up. There are also websites like ‘Swashikshan’ which is the Indian association of homeschoolers to guide an Indian parent. It is an initiative which is helpful for parents who wonder where and how to start.

What, where and how?

It’s Good to know that homeschooling is not a new concept in India but there is a still a long ways to go. For higher studies in India, one needs a formal certificate. So, how this works and how homeschool kids do it when they reach higher grades or what all exams they have to give to get a certification?

Next month, we will be bringing to you the stories of real moms who are homeschooling their kids in India. We hope that these stories will be helpful for those parents who are confused about the whole process of homeschooling in India. It will be homeschooling tips, tricks and how it works.  We hope these personal experiences and journeys of parents will be helpful.

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