Have you ever wondered what does it feel like to be abandoned and pushed away? As life presents us with more and more responsibilities, we tend to take certain things for granted,  In some cases, even the elderly. We are so preoccupied with seeking materialistic happiness that we willingly or unwillingly forget those who genuinely care for us.

The beauty of what our elders have to offer can only be appreciated if one simply sits back and listens to their wise tales. However, those who don’t have the heart to feel the affection often end up deserting them.

My mother said this to me once and I quote, “The elderly is just like kids by mentality.” Be it repeatedly asking the same questions or the constant need for support and assistance, we usually perceive this as irritation. However, the truth is that they need and deserve our time and attention just like how they responded to our childish tantrums back in the day.

The bottom line is that the least our elders expect is our time. And time indeed is the most precious gift that we can offer to them. They deserve all the love and care which they gave to their children when they were small.

These quiescent senile beings aren’t worthy of callousness but love and kindness. They are living and existing, just like us. We are no different but just some years apart. After all, we will be there where they are today. So, let’s just be benevolent and humble. They won’t be around for eternity and will simply instigate rue and penitence in our hearts when they are gone.

Poonam – A social movie which is a scenario of how sometimes children ignore these precious gems in their life caught my attention recently. It is an awareness movie which is produced by Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals and Epicreel.

Here is the trailer for you.

21st August is World Elders Day. The following day, that is on 22nd August, Saturday, there will be a private screening of this 16 mins short film. It will be in collaboration with Unmukt – The Senior Hub, the active ageing partner.

The purpose of the movie is to propagate the neglected cause of elderly care. It’s also about their right to seek companionship as one of the solutions to combat the loneliness that is the root cause of many ailments in seniors. It is a simple story of two elderly in which Meeta Vasisht is playing the role of Poonam and Rajit Kapur is playing the role of Suraj. I am excited to see these two wonderful actors come together for this film. It is surely a must-watch film which should reach larger audiences.

From L to R -Anil Kumar P – Executive Producer, Rajit Kapur, Meeta Vasisht, Shilpi Das Chohan – Producer

As a parent myself, I was moved by the concept of the movie. So, I surely recommend all the parents and children to watch it. Children must understand that parents after a certain age need special love and care. I hope the message this movie is trying to convey, reaches the right people and our elders get the love and care they deserve.

Check out the Facebook page of Poonam a social movie to know more.